Weights and measures?

I’ve been catching up on all the stuff I’ve missed in my absence. My favourite piece is:

One leen equals ten ninths of a meter.

Thank you, Lord Crayman.

Has anyone tracked down a conversion for the kn (keen??)? And what about units of time?

Yeah, it still surprises me that Team Andromeda were that exact (and that consistent) about their fictional world. I actually don’t remember the “kn” measurement, though - where was that mentioned?

It’s in Saga, on the defeated enemies data screens.

Kiloleen maybe? Does that make sense in context?

Not in context, no. “Kn” is used as a unit of weight. Don’t have any screencaps on hand to show it. Sorry.

Ok, just an idea.

Ah, of course; I was checking in one of the PDS player’s guides, and I completely overlooked that. I’m not sure if we could work out what a Kn is though, as (unlike the Ln) there’s no equivalent measurement given in the PDZ player’s guide, where the airships’ dimensions were shown in meters; I assumed that lordcraymen worked out what an Ln was by comparing that info with the PDS measurements. There might have been more real-world measurements in one of the other guides that I haven’t seen yet, of course.