Was there a dark dragonrider?

anyone have a clue?? I finished panzer dragoon yesterday and I swear I saw someone sitting on the dark dragon :s

Yes, there was a rider.

any clue who he might be??? he’s probably a drone who can’t speak

Thats what I believe. No doubt someone will come up with a zany theory about it though.

lol, of course someone will, it’s they way of panzer life:)

I’m the Dark Dragoon (rider).

Haha you got pwned in pd!

“Yet I live” - Raziel in SR1



You just owned him V-Man ^^

It would be nice to know a bit more about the characters in PD…

I don’t know about that; I rather enjoy some of them being kept under a veil of mystery.

The Sky Rider’s alter ego.

The Dark Dragon dind’t die.Neither did the Dark Dragoon.

I have a feeling that the dark dragoon while die if he comes up with anymore tricks of his…

EDIT: in case people were thinking otherwise…

whistles innocently

Hey Shadow, what do you mean by Zany anyway? XD

Zowy’s brother!

It’s a slang word meaning “wacko” or “far out”. For example, the Sky Rider being a tick looks at Neil

bu dum cish! drums after joke if ya dont know:P

lol, that was a joke…