Was the guardian dragon supposed to have a rider?

i was just thinkin… each tower is supposed to have a guardian dragon, but is each dragon supposed to have a rider? the “dragon unit” refers to the dragon/rider entity right (or perhaps it was another term)? but the rider was a safety measure to keep the dragon from being the perfect weapon, wasn’t it? dragons were left incomplete in that way or at least they were supposed to be?

the dark dragon may or may not have been the coastal tower’s true active guardian, but it seemed to think it was and the tower accepted it as such. but it was just a “normal” solowing. the guardian dragon of shelcoof is some kind of never before seen dragon type. larger than the rest, lacking wings, it didn’t even look like it was meant to be ridden (despite the fact that lundi can ride it from pandora’s box). i think the guardian dragon was the exception to the “no perfect being” protocol, meaning that it was complete in design and did not need nor want a rider. i say this because if you look at the dark dragon when it gets taken to full power (last boss of PD1), the rider is nowhere to be seen on the exterior. i believe that the drone and dragon get merged into one through that process, whereas the guardian dragon was able to take itself to full power on it’s own.

it could be said that shelcoof was a special kind of tower and therefore received a special kind of dragon that did not need a rider. or perhaps the drone was lost somewhere in those 10,000 years. what do you think?

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i think that is clear evidence that the heresy program was not destroyed :smiley:

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Abadd: Murder of simple creative ones it is not possible?

Orta: It was not necessary to kill those! Abadd, why? Why you kill?

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do you think running the story through the altavista babelfish translator twice enhances or hurts the storyline? :smiley:

These are awesome. I wish the text in the game was all like that :smiley:

How is unintelligible Engrish “awesome”? That’s just ridiculous…

There is something to be said for the entertainment value of Engrish. :wink: It should be offered as an alternate language setting.

Wow Thedium, talk about going completely offtopic.Those last posts killed my thiking pattern.

Anyways, I don’t think having a arider is a necessity.It’s that simple.

And Darky is not a “normal” solowing.He’s a “spiritual” solowing.

Azel thought that a dragon couldn’t function without a rider, and she seemed to know a lot about the bonds that dragons and their riders shared. It looks like most dragons probably did need riders, but that the Guardian Dragon was a special case. Why it would need to be a special case I’m really not sure, except for the idea that Team Andromeda felt like designing a dragon without a rider for that game. It does give the Guardian Dragon more of a unique flavour.

I’m pretty sure the Drone is just sitting around under the armoured casing, as he’s still there when the armour falls away… unless that’s not what you meant.

That is an awesome idea :smiley: Kind of like how Monty Python included the Japanese voice track in the special edition of “Holy Grail.” :smiley:

Lance : Azel didn’t say a rider is strictly needed.If she did sorry - where?

You quoted me on something I dind’t say :stuck_out_tongue:

She says the following to Edge in the Tower of Uru, and it seems to imply that a dragon will only fuction with a rider, and only with its chosen rider:

Azel… promise me. From here on, if anything happens to me, take the dragon and find Gash, at the Seekers’ base.

…I cannot do that…

Why not?

It doesn’t work that way. You are not just the dragon’s master, you both share a higher purpose. He chose you… This dragon exists only for you… The two of you are linked. If you die, the dragon loses his purpose, and will deactivate.

Were you and Atolm linked?

Yes, and I will miss him… Right now, Edge, I believe in you.

She’s apparently talking from her knowledge of dragons in general though, rather than talking about Edge’s dragon specifically. No-one really knows anything about Edge’s dragon, and Azel seems to think of it as just another dragon. For Azel to think that it would cease to function without a rider, that must have been the case with most Ancient Age dragons - it looks like the Guardian Dragon wasn’t built to need a rider in this way, though.

Whoops, sorry. (I’ve fixed it now.)

yes, you can see the drone is still atop the dragon when you kill it. but i don’t think he’s there when it’s in ‘giant mode’. and i meant that when it is in ‘giant mode’ is when the two become one.

Lance:That’s just it.I don’t agree with you there.To me she is simply letting Edge now that he can’t ride any other dragon and that she can’t ride any other dragon.

But she also says that the dragon will deactivate if Edge is unable to ride it, because he is its (specific) rider. That seems to be pretty important.

I was not talking about importance :stuck_out_tongue:

That dragon was made for someone.But the Guardian Dragon wasn’t.

That’s just more proof.

[quote=“GehnTheBerserker”]That dragon was made for someone.But the Guardian Dragon wasn’t.

That’s just more proof.[/quote]

That’s pretty much my point. :slight_smile: The dilemma is why the Ancients thought it was necessary to make other dragons need riders, but not necessary to make the Guardian Dragon need a rider. Storyline-wise, I expect we don’t know enough about the Ancients or their creations to really explain this one. We can always wonder, though: perhaps the Guardian Dragon was simply an “old” dragon, a dragon created before the idea of riders had ocurred to the Ancients?

I think the Guardian dragon didn’t have a rider because Shelcoof didn’t need a drone either. It seems Shelcoof was under direct control of Sestren itself, unlike the other Towers we’ve seen.

The others weren’t?How come?

No Tower needed a drone-

I never honestly thought of Shelcoofs Guardian as a Dragon…it didn’t look like a Dragon if you ask me. Nor did it act like a Dragon. Also, the reason why is transformed is because it knew Lagi would kick its ass as it was, so perhaps it was just an advanced pure type monster?

well it is called the guardian dragon… for whatever that’s worth.

i’m down with D-unit’s theory, or an extrapolation of it. perhaps shelcoof wasn’t really supposed to regulate climates the way the rest did. it was a mobile tower for a reason and climate control is not that reason. perhaps shelcoof was sestren’s tower- the main vessel sestren utilized in the physical world. the analgoy could be made to the queen in a chess game; offensively or defensively she’s your weapon of choice. perhaps sestren views shelcoof/guardian dragon the same way?