Was the Empire part of Meccania?

In PDZ’s intro, the sixth emperor says, “Rebel against Mecchania!” This may have been a translation error for “Invade Meccania” but I want to look at the possibility of the Empire being part of Meccania.

PDO’s encyclopaedia states that Meccania was an “aggregate state”, in order words it was made up of smaller factions. Could the Empire have been one of these factions who then rebelled and took control of the other factions who made up Meccania?

Kimimi’s translation of this PD Zwei “World” document seems to rule out the possibility of the Empire being part of Meccania.


Good point. It also seems that Lundi’s village was located on (or in) the border of Meccania, although it does not specify whether the village was part of Meccania.

“5. Meccania’s border defense guard company placement of mounted soldiers, successfully defend against the neighbouring Empire. Lundi’s Coolia training village is also here.”