Want to play the series

I have a model 2 sega saturn that works fine… however i know about the disc module being degraded over time. I have thought about RHEA but really expensive … i have the first 2 in the series for sega saturn panzer dragoon 1 and 2 however being that PDS is so expensive to $$…

what is the best way to play PDS at this time?

i thought about buying PDS repro discs with custom case and getting a Sega saturn backup cart that allows playing CD-R backups. does this work?

Well if you can’t spend the money I would suggest using an emulator if you have a decent enough pc. Specifically, the Sega Saturn Mednafen emulator.

Thanks do you happen to have a setup guide for Panzer dragoon saga on Medafen on how? link … ive tried SSF doesnt work and Yabuse works but getting the controller to work sucks… I have beefy pc , windows 10 and a windows 7 box…

First download Mednafen (Sega Saturn Emulator) Within the mednafen.cfg, file and using notepad or notepad++ to edit it, make these changes and save:

Note: Within the mednafen.cfg file press ctrl+f to bring up the search bar and change the following and save:

Video Settings:

-Hit ctrl+f, search for ss.stretch
change ss.stretch aspect_mult2 to ss.stretch aspect

search for ss.correct_aspect
0 is native
1 will squash or stretch to 4:3

-ctrl+f search for ss.videoip
0 will give you sharp pixels
1 will apply bilinear filtering (a blur)

Other Settings:

-ctrl+f search for video.frameskip
set this to 0
so the emulator renders all frames

ctrl+f search for ss.scsp.resamp_quality
sound quality for the scsp
0 is lowest
10 is highest
default is 4

-ctrl+f search for ss.midsync
setting to 1 can reduce input lag
but increases CPU load

-ctrl+f search for cd.image_memcache
if you have a good bit of RAM
setting this to 1 will load the entire game into your RAM

Basic Emulator Settings:

Alt + Shift + 1 -> Set controls for Player 1
Alt + Shift + 2 -> Set controls for Player 2
Alt + Enter -> Full Screen
0 - Save Screen Snapshot
F2 - Save Game State
F4 - Load Game State
F11 - Toggle FPS Text
ctrl+shift+esc (only use this if you have to force close Mednafen)

Loading a game:

To start a game drag an ISO of your chosen Saturn game over the mednafen.exe file found in your main directory folder.

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I don’t have my PC ready that I plan to play Saturn games on yet (It will probably be ready like this winter), but what do you do when you change the disc? Just save and load the next ISO or what? Do you have to do anything special with a game with multiple discs?

From memory: Panzer Dragoon Saga asks you to save at the end of each disc. You then mount a different ISO or CUE/BIN for the next disc and load the save by choosing continue on the title screen.

thanks all for the reply!!!