Wallpaper Update

Hello all. I am working on my wallpaper series, as I said. I am very excited about this project. While in the midst of other concepts, however, I couldn’t resist the style of simple black and white shapes, so I made this wallpaper to amuse myself. I’m happy to share with anyone who would like a copy. Just let me know your screen resolution if you would like one. :anjou_love:

The other wallpapers I have in mind will be more painterly, and of course, won’t all focus on Azel. I want to do a minimum of one wallpaper for each game. I’m also open to suggestions if anyone has a vision they would like to see brought to life - don’t overwhelm me, though! :anjou_embarassed: Feel free to PM me with any requests/ideas.

Nice :anjou_happy:

PM’ed you.

EDIT: I’m 1440*900 myself.

1680x1050 please? I’d probably invert colors to use it myself though, I like darker stuff.

Nice wallpaper Snow girl!

1920x1200 if possible please, thank you :anjou_love:

I look forward to seeing more of your work.

Nice job! :anjou_happy:

1920x1200 for me too please.

I’ll reply to your PM shortly.