Wallpaper description translation

Original Japanese text

Google translation

The evolution of self-Dragon / Dragon
Dragon is the strongest attack with biological, and a generation of diverse forms of self-evolution. This ability to constantly adapt to the situation of the Dragon are thousands of years for a single act, which was designed to indicate.

Imperial Army armored weapons / Imperial Force
Imperial Army, combat vessels, moving artillery, transport vessel, aircraft carriers and various other weapons purposes of flexibility in development. Each body attached to the ship-shaped chunks of rock dug up from the ruins of the old century of airborne engine.
Empire History / History of continent**
Dragon has previously appeared three times over the ground. The battle beyond people’s eyes can hardly touch on the continent ladder pressure Timeline of history of the empire continued to challenge the shadow of anywhere we can.

Legacy of the old century / Legacy
Surrounded by the ruins of the old century’s gene technology made the design “of biological attack” is still active. Close proximity of the human instinct to automatically attack the killings and a strong ability to repair a perfect self-autonomous weapons.

The fate of rider / Dragonriders
Only those chosen by the Dragon, but the ride back to a mysterious and powerful force that would be all. They walked along with Dragon Rider in the world, to have qualified for the future to follow up.

Adaptation of the life / Altered Genos
Keep sight of the old century as “thoroughbred” of the environment, according to his attack with biological evolution mutation is “variant” and referred to collectively. Human Settlements continent from the frontier with neighboring District is home to many species.

If anyone can provide a better translation than Google I’d be very interested in reading it.