Vox populi, vox dei

Whilst of course it remains early days for our new Articles section, with only two articles it is looking rather uncomfortably bare.

This morning I was conversing with Solo on AIM and the topic came onto possible ways to expand the number of articles in Articles. With the General Election approaching in a month’s time in Britain (vote Tory, by the way! :anjou_love: ), I was thinking about polls, and so suggested to Solo that we try to organise a Panzer Dragoon “Vox Pop”, or casual survey, to ascertain knowledge of the series amongst the common gamer.

The system would work in this way:

-It is a collaborative effort - this is going to require active participation from several other forumers.

-Once we have several volunteers, we organise a short series of convenient questions relating to Panzer Dragoon with which we can quiz bystanders - What consoles do you own? Have you heard of PD? Have you played any PD game? Which one was your favourite? Would you look forward to a new instalment? Will you please sign this petition demanding that Ken Kutaragi be publically executed? and so on.

-Then, we all concur upon one date where all the participants in the project have some free time. On that day, we troop down into our respective towns, wherever in the world they are, go to our local gaming shops and prowl around there for a while, assaulting patrons with requests to fill out our survey.

-I anticipate that no-one’s going to want to spend all day shivering in the cold outside GameStation, so you just either keep angling until you have a number of responses that we all agreed on, or see how many you can get in a set time period (time attack bonus point score multipliers! Happy play noise! :anjou_happy: ).

-Once we’ve done that, we compile all our results and post them up in the Articles section as THE POPULARITY OF PANZER DRAGOON! w()]t!

I know this is grossly unscientific and is far from being a precise mathematical statistical analysis - but it’s not meant to be, it’s just a topic of interest. And who knows - we might just convince a few people to give Orta a whirl or run a search for Panzer Dragoon on Google…

So, who would be interested and could give genuine commitment?

Having just completed a similar project a month ago with a sample population of 60 and 200 “F*** YOU’s” from the mean streets of Glasgow, I have absolutely no desire. Sorry.

Personally it would be pretty pointless to do that in my home town.First of all because there are no “gamers’ spots” around here and secondly because know only a handful of people played the games.

Likewise here… I normally have to repeat the name Panzer Dragoon several times before the syllables are processed by the listener, and even then I tend to get odd looks or a sarcastic chuckle. :anjou_sad:

They don’t know what they’re missing! I know what I’m missing, however - Orta. :anjou_disappointment: