Vote for your preferred Panzer art style!

Before you vote, please note that this is a preference poll. That means that even if you enjoy all the games’ art styles a lot, you must vote for the style you have even the slightest preference for if possible.

And yes, the idea for this poll did originate from the NiGHTS 2 topic.

Maybe you should add an option for Zwei + Saga as the first game looks quite different in my opinion (perhaps partly because of the lower-end graphics), while Zwei and Saga do seem to use the same style, though somewhat evolved for the latter and I really can’t bring myself to chose between the two. Also, where’s PDMini?

I do love them all, but Zwei is sublime, no other game has the same cohesion.


I’d go with the Saturn Trilogy’s style, only for nostalgia purposes. :anjou_happy:

Orta got two votes? Probably from the newer members who haven’t played the original titles I guess, or played them too late therefor only noticed the “bad graphics” instead of the art style because as far as style is concerned, even if someone enjoys Orta, I don’t see anything that could be considered an improvement.

Anyway, since I can’t chose Zwei + Saga I guess I’ll vote for Saga alone as I really don’t want to include the original by selecting the whole trilogy…

It’s a tought choice between Saga and Zwei but at the end of the day, just like Heretic, I found Zwei more cohesive.

Also Zwei didn’t feature much mutated types which was one thing in some cases I would have made differently in Saga.

Zwei just completely feels otherwordly and I love every single pure-type and vehicle design.Also it features Shellcoof in it which in itself is saying quite a lot.

Etc etc.

I also love PD1’s art but it seems to have less defined identity when compared with Saga and Zwei.

You don’t count you’ve only played PDO!


PDS gets my vote by the way

Zwei? Saga? Orta? What are you guys talking about? The Panzer Dragoon LCD game’s look and feel owns the art style of all the games combined!

In all seriousness, I voted for Zwei, perhaps because it was my first Panzer Dragoon game and defined what the series was for me. I think a Zwei+Saga option would have been my choice if there had been that option, however.