Voice actors quiz

Let’s see if you can find out :smiley:

voice actor Akira Ishida youtu.be/WjMjBEGR8P0 is… ?

Maaya Sakamoto youtu.be/WbMs6H_HEt8 is… ?

Ibu Masato (the old detective) youtu.be/xv-RoVQuhq8 is…?

Youko Honna youtu.be/DvyY9IWl3Gw …is…hard to guess xD

Shiro Saito youtu.be/PTIbvOA6_lU …X,D so hard to guess

Daisuke Namikawa awww yeah :wink:

Sorry, but I removed that last link as it’s a bit NSFW. As for the voice actors: Akira Ishida’s voice (Edge) is very easy to recognize in just about any of his roles, almost as easy as Hochu Otsuka (Gash). I always find it difficult to recognize Maaya Sakamoto’s voice (Azel) though. As for the rest:

Youko Honna -> Orta, although I only know that because I recently looked it up.
Shiro Saito -> Abadd, but again this would be very difficult to guess.

I didn’t watch the other videos, but it’s easy enough to use Google to look up their characters :slight_smile: I would be interesting to compile all of them and include them in the character descriptions on the website.

aww cheater XD

indeed some are really “flexible” in their voice acting. Somehow I cant stop being impressed at japanese voice acting, so versatile in character…

NSFW ftw :smiley: gantz was just such a great show as an example, I could not refuse it as a choice. also, on n24 , a regular “professional” tv newschannel, I can browse nude posing twins at broad daylight without age restriction, so I might forget sometimes there is something like netiquette still in existence.

Yeah that was my intention to imply under some good fun, its really bothersome to see the voices of our dreamgames left out of the whorship :wink: :anjou_love:

I never actually watched/read Gantz, is the anime any good compared to the original manga?

As for the voice actors: PD Orta lists all the voice actors in the credits so it would be easy to compile those. If I remember correctly the credits for Saga are in Japanese even in the English version of the game, I’m not sure if there’s an English translation of those somewhere. Good to see most of the voice actors are still active in the industry though, should Sega ever decide to release another Panzer Dragoon…

umm I think the anime was great fun, very exiting and provocative, watch at least the very first episodes :slight_smile:

but the last episodes are a bit… odd and unsatisfieng. I heard the anime was faster then the manga script , so the manga seems to have a better ending or something. its a very harsh anime though. not safe for work or for kids.