[VOCALOID]Sona mi areru ec sancitu


amazing vocal!!!

I’m impressed!

I’m not seeing anything. Is a video supposed to play?

You need an account on Nico Nico Douga in order to watch the videos. But it requires some basic knowledge of Japanese. (Here’s a guide I just found through Google: vocaloidism.com/2008/07/23/h … a-account/)

I muddled my way through it. Thanks.

Very nice indeed.

To save everyone the hassle, you can log in here with my details: secure.nicovideo.jp/secure/login_form

Login: solowingdragon@gmail.com
Password: 12345678

Then go to nicovideo.jp/watch/nm5855455 (in the same browser window) and the video should play.

I get sent back to the login page (with its URL suffixed by “&message=cant_login”). Surely someone didn’t change the password? :anjou_sigh:

Instead of the username, it asks for the email address used to create the account.

Sorry, the email address was solowingdragon@gmail.com

I’ll update my post.

nice one solo

the nostalgia this track brings me is unbelievable…

I wish there was one of Anu orta veniya 8)

I have an idea, Solo, why don’t you rip it from that nico page using one of the flash-video ripper programs and upload it to a real video sharing site like Youtube?

It would certainly attract passing custom to the official youtube channel…

Even if they are probably 15 year old girls with no inkling as to what Panzer Dragoon is or 40 year old men.

I closed the site’s YouTube channel as YouTube had issues with some of the content. However, all the videos can be viewed in your browser (so long as it supports HTML5 video) in the Videos section of this site.

If we can get permission, I’ll happily post it here on TWOTA. Maybe someone who can read Japanese could contact them about it?

I’d need:

Artist name
Artist contact link (either their email or link to a website)
Title of the content
Short description of the content