Viva Pinata sure is the best RARE game

… since they been making games for Microsoft. Sure its all cutesy, but the depth in the game is quite awesome.

I’ve spent over 35 hours so far and I still have so many pinata awards to get. Then theres those wild card pinatas to get and that alone will take you over 100 hours to even get all of them.

If you like quirky games, this game will keep you busy for a long time. You just might get addictive to it like I have. What seems for a while ends up being 4 hours of playing it straight. :anjou_love:

So rare that even I haven’t heard of it!

The game’s concept didn’t really hook but considering the good reviews it’s getting I might check it out once I actually own a 360…

And you’ve been where for the past three months? =P

Lost in WoW.

Ok ok, point taken!