Visual walkthough

I would love to see one of these for all the staurn Panzer games… anyone’s giri giri run it well enough to try?

Indeed, nice idea. Unfortunately my copy of GiriGiri doesn’t get past the desert boss though. If someone made something like this I would suggest using smaller screenshots than on that site to save on download time and also to make the screenshots look less pixelated.

Compiling the necessary images would take time, but would be worth it in the end.

Solo, i believe all giri giris can make it past the desert stuck scene, just try it a few times(I think it took me 8 tries to succeed). I would offer to do the visual walkthrough myself as my game has unstuck itself for the moment it seems but I dont have the time as i am at uni at the moment.

btw there is another stuck scene when you fight craymens fleet, this 1 is harder to get past because there are actually 2 of them in a row, 1 before you fight atolm and 1 after. I havent come accross a stuck scene on disc 2 though.

I think it would be cool to get some images from the game running on the Saturn. That way it would give people the exact look of how the game originally ran.

hmm its possible that i could do that now that i have a tv card… however i wont be able to try until chrimbo as i didnt bring my saturn to uni