Vision of Lagi or a memory orb? *Saga-Orta Spoilers*

When you begin playing PD Orta, the first movie starts from the viewpoint of what seems to be a dragon eye, looking at Orta in her prison. Presumably this is the eye of Lagi, watching over Orta. However, reading one of Geoffrey Duke’s theories, I noticed that in Saga Sestren’s memory orbs show the events through a dragon eye that’s very similar in shape. This makes me wonder if we were perhaps watching through one of Sestren’s memory orbs the entire game. The narrator tells the story as if it happened in the past and his voice seems to be similar to that of Sestren (those that played PD Saga could verify this). Is it possible that we were told a story by an altered Sestren who’s no longer following the Will of the Ancients? I’d like to hear your thoughts on this.

Yes, that’s pretty much it IMO.We are hearing Sestren telling the story.It’s like a “reformed” Sestren :stuck_out_tongue:

The begining of Orta has something to do with the Divine Visitor, that is what that orb represents.

The narrator was Lagi AFAIK.

Due to the fact Sestren and the Heresy dragon were so alike (they were in fact equal and opposite AI incarnates), they are almost certain to perceive the world in a similar way, IMO.

Lagi or the Heresy Dragon? At that point there was a difference between them (the Heresy Dragon wasn’t active). Lagi himself couldn’t really be telling the story after what happened to him (atleast I think he couldn’t).

I’m not sure about the Heresy Dragon and Lagi being equal and opposite. IMO the Heresy Dragon was a part of Sestren that acted in a way that it wasn’t supposed to (basically I doubt that the Heresy Dragon could be another Sestren). They probably do percieve the world in a similar way but then who’s watching Orta? The Heresy Dragon was inactive at that point.

Lagi was the one watching Orta. Even after splitting from the Heresy dragon he must’ve retained some of its characteristics. How do you think Lagi knew when to save Orta? He knew when and where to save Orta because he was keeping an eye on her, literally.

The story does seem to be told in retrospect doesn’t it?

When a diary is read in a movie, or in certain games, it is common for the writer’s voice to be used to better express the feelings of their words.

The ending can’t really allow for present tense narration but who knows?

I don’t agree with that eye of the dragon theory.I think that is clearly the DV.How and why I dunno…

Oh and Geoffrey, the narrator has to be Sestren, the dragon wouldn’t fit.

As for the Sestren/Lagi relation, that’s my ain doubt in Saga’s ending scenes : the “dragons” speak like they were Sestren…


…I’m confused.If sestren wasn’t destroyed “were” is it?It’s embodyment anyway…

Abadd (the member of these forums) confirmed that in the Japanese version the story was told from Lagi’s perspective. However it was changed to an unrelated narrator for the English versions of the game. So how did Lagi explain about what happened after his death? Apparantly it was the dragon’s spirit or something.

It would be a bit silly for Lagi to explain a story to someone in the past tense as it was happening, unless maybe he was explaining it to the divine visitor.
Didnt the narrator say something at the very end of the game after lagi dies about baby? this would confirm that Lagi was actually explaining after he died. I believe it is heresy narrating not Lagi although I have nothing to base this on.
IMO i think it would have been better with Orta narrating from some time in the future, it would set the scene a bit better I think. Didnt Lundi narrate PDZ?

There was no narrator in either PD1 or PDZwei.

Lundi did narrate parts of Zwei.

There was definately a narrator at some points, i remember that Lundi did it now. He said about the flashing green light being an ominous light and he also describes after chapter 1 where he went. I think he also talks about mechania attacking him instead of shelcoof at the beginning of chapter 3.

I don’t count that as narrating. :stuck_out_tongue:

it does count, as when you see clips of him, his mouth does not move, so he is not speaking at that time(in the present time in the picture) and he always referes to it as past tense I think…BECAUSE he was narrating. I thinks that’s right anyway, he did speak in some tense, as he was telling the story aka narrating.

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Interesting. That would mean that Lagi was still able to tell the story. The dialogue between Lagi and his other half, the Heresy Dragon, could provide some insight in this. The Heresy Dragon says this:

"Your mission is completed. Yet, you still wish to remain?"
What did he mean by that? Was Lagi supposed to just die after his mission was completed, just like Edge?

"Your body is fragile and mortal now. Your life will more than likely end out there if you continue."
The Heresy Dragon didn’t just say ?your life will end if you continue?, he says it will end out there, on the surface world. Maybe it wouldn’t end inside Sestren but continue there. After all, the system recognizes Lagi as its master. Perhaps Lagi could rejoin the Heresy Dragon and become one again?

He was probably meant to hibernate or “rest” upon completion of his mission.

The way Lagi narrates his own death in the Japanese version is odd, but I suspect that’s why a different narrator was used in our version.

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Sarcasm is what geniouses are made of hence the frenzy :stuck_out_tongue:

Anyways “the narrator was Lagi AFAIK”

What does AFAIK mean/stand for?

[quote=“Endow”]Sarcasm is what geniouses are made of hence the frenzy :stuck_out_tongue:

Anyways “the narrator was Lagi AFAIK”

What does AFAIK mean/stand for?[/quote]

lol, you would say that:P I dunot know what the hell AFAIK means I would like to know also^^ after fans arived in kenya

'As Far As I Know"