Virtua fighter quest is here!

But I bet it’s not what you all expected…It deffinitelly isn’t what I expected…,4364,1399830,00.asp

Yeah I know, I agree, this is so not true to the series and this so doesn’t look to have the Virtua Fighter spirit…I agree with all that and if I had any say in this (and ofcourse I don’t) it wouldn’t be named Virtua Fighter but something else…
Still…It’s Sega…and Yu Suzuki is involved…it must be a good game, no?
We’ll have to wait and see I guess, if it’s even released outside Japan that is, because word around the net is that Sega is considering not to do that…
Either way, atleast we can’t say they are not trying different things still…

Poll is on for 7 days, it wasn’t even necessary I just felt like making it lol…

EDIT: please vote to the poll AFTER reading the article

Eh… it doesn’t look to be up my street… I wonder if it plays any good?

A new VF game is always good.But wait I’m still reading the article…


Shenmue is the closest thing to a true Virtua Fighter RPG we are ever going to have the privilege of playing. Virtua Fighter Quest is yet another attempt by Sega to reach out to the younger gamers who comprise a rather large percentage of GameCube and Playstation 2 owners (why am I not surprised!).

Sega of Japan’s page for the game…includes a small streaming trailer that I haven’t watched yet…

AM2’s site for the game…Seems it has a bigger downloadable trailer, I haven’t watched that either tho :slight_smile:

By the way Geoffrey I can assume you voted the last option then? So you believe the game will be no good? Other games have had a cartoony look but have been great and serious as well…I can’t say if the game will be any good so I voted for “I don’t know”, since for now I really don’t.

Sudeki is taking up a cartoony look as well but I didn’t see anyone saying it’s just for kids because of that in any of the threads that it’s been mentioned in…
Ok VFCA does look a bit more childish but looks aren’t everything…
And statements like “Shenmue is the closest thing to a true Virtua Fighter RPG we are ever going to have the privilege of playing” aren’t really acceptable, to me atleast, since you can never know what the future holds.
So this game isn’t what we expected, however that means neither that it will be a bad game nor that a true VF RPG will not be made “ever”

Here’s a few more things you guys might wanna see…

All the above and more can be found here, trailers and wallpapers for most all of the games as well…

Virtua Fighter Quest was developed for a younger audience. There are two reasons why Sega didn’t develop this title for the Xbox: the Xbox is practically unheard of in Japan, and most Xbox owners are fully grown.

About the only SLIGHT relation between this thing and VF is the inclusion of the J6 syndicate, which, if you don’t know, built Dural and brainwashed Sarah.

I guess the fact you meet the VF characters and learn their moves isn’t related to VF then ? :slight_smile:
Download the trailer from AM2’s site for the game that I linked to in my last post guys, sure it’s not a real VF game AT ALL but it still looks fun…Makes me wanna get a GameCube :slight_smile:

Geoffrey they didn’t make Virtua Fighter 4 Evolution for X-Box either, does that mean it’s a kiddy game? :slight_smile:

Sega just isn’t supporting X-box much, I only know they are making like 2 good games for it atm, Sega GT Online and Sonic Heroes which is multiplatform…And with Sammy’s intention of having Sega do even less console games I bet they will reduce X-box Support further unless it somehow gets popular and has the potential to do good sales as a WORLDWIDE TOTAL. Halo 2 and Sudeki among others should help in that…

No, that was because the Xbox lacked the popularity in Japan necessary to justify a conversion.

Let me excerpt an article I read at SFC to put all doubt to rest:

Obviously, I won’t be eagerly anticipating the release of this game.

Ah well it still looks fun and doesn’t mean it wont be a game worth playing :slight_smile:
Nintendo makes “kiddy” games too and yet some of them are well worth playing by anyone (Pikmin and Zelda: The Wind Waker anyone?) Lets just wait and see :slight_smile:

I’ll link to an older thread and maybe we can keep the Japan thing discussion there…or just stop it, you’ve said your opinion on it about a zillion times, I have said mine, everyone has seen it, I bet it gets annoying to see it repeated over and over whenever there’s a chance to link it with something said… … ight=#6716

I know nothin about the Virtua Fighter story…Wasn’t VF4 supposed to have video cut scenes using the techniques they used in Shenmue to reveal the story? Shame they didn’t do it in the end…I think that’s the only thing the VF series is lacking in, a story that you can see in-game…Ah well it more than makes up for it with being the absolute best of fighting games :slight_smile:

[quote=“Geoffrey Duke”]

Obviously, I won’t be eagerly anticipating the release of this game.[/quote]

See Berserker?They DO care. :slight_smile:

I also won’t mind if a game reminds me of being 14 either :slight_smile: I still sometimes play old games I used to play back then for the nostalgia and even at times watch cartoons lol, maybe it’s not like you to do things like that, still even tho it wasn’t the best period of my life at all, some things were still good and I like being reminded of it or being made to feel like it’s still that period :slight_smile:

If this is a SWEET game, regardless of it being kiddy-ish I might even finally try to raise money for a GC (not just for it ofcourse, GC has quite a few sweeeet games I’ve had my eye on…) even tho it will propably take me quite a while with all the things I need to buy for christmas (I’m buying an apple ipod with 20GB capacity mp3 player for my best friend with laser engraved text on the back for example…no, the rest people aren’t getting anywhere near as expensive (or expensive at all) stuff lol, I’m not rich…)