Virtua Fighter 5 no longer PS3 exclusive

It’s coming out on Xbox360 in late summer 07


English PR:


Premiere Fighting Game Franchise Makes First Appearance on Microsoft?s Next Generation Videogame Console

STOCKHOLM, SWEDEN (December 21, 2006) ? SEGA of America, Inc. and SEGA Europe Ltd. today announced that the highly anticipated arcade fighting game, Virtua Fighter? 5, will make its way onto the Xbox 360? video game and entertainment system. Virtua Fighter? 5 is scheduled for release on Xbox 360? in North America and in Europe during late summer 2007. The game will also be available for the PLAYSTATION?3 computer entertainment system on February 20th, 2007 in North America and will be available in Europe simultaneously with the system?s launch in March 2007.

?Those people lucky enough to have already played Virtua Fighter? 5 will know that it?s laid the foundations to become the clear benchmark for fighting games on all next generation consoles?, said Matt Woodley, Creative Director, SEGA Publishing Europe Ltd. ?Bringing Virtua Fighter? 5 to the Xbox 360? offers us a platform with power to handle the astonishing visuals, the complex and varied fighting styles of all the customisable characters and will undoubtedly put Virtua Fighter? 5 into the hands of a gaming audience craving for a highly polished and credible fighting game.?

Virtua Fighter? 5 features beautifully detailed stages from around the world where players face off in fast-moving martial arts battles against one of 17 characters. Two lively new characters join the elite group of fighters, adding two new unique fighting styles for players to try and master. With more skill and strategy than ever before, players are also given the opportunity to learn and employ the new ?Offensive Move? technique to take down their opponents from different angles, adding a new dimension to the game and something for both new and old fans to master. Virtua Fighter? 5 also includes the ability to customise characters by selecting from four base costumes and a wide range of unlockable accessories and earnable items. As players win more tournaments they will not only earn costumes and accessories, but also prizes and in-game money that will allow them to buy items from the in-game shop.

?The Virtua Fighter? series from SEGA has one of the most prestigious histories in video games,? said Jeff Bell, corporate vice president of global marketing for the Interactive Entertainment Business at Microsoft. ?It?s a franchise that has grown an army of loyal fans both in arcades and on consoles worldwide, and is consistently rated extremely high by the media. Fighting game fans have been hungry for Virtua Fighter? 5 and we can now proudly deliver this game with SEGA to Xbox 360 gamers around the world.?

Developed by the highly renowned Tokyo based development team, AM R&D Development No.2, Virtua Fighter? 5 for the Xbox 360? will be available across Europe and North America during late summer 2007.[/quote]

This is huge news. I am happy. :anjou_love:


We’re going to be hearing from one happy Team Andromeda soon, no doubt. :anjou_happy:

I?m in agony mate, pulled a muscle after doing summersaults down the street naked , after reading the news .
Know I shouldn?t I?m getting too old for that kind of thing :anjou_embarassed: :wink: .
What a bloody Christmas present though , it was almost like I was dreaming when I was reading the news. Something I wanted to much comes true it was kind of unreal

VF5, Golden Axe , Sega Rally , Virtual Tennis on my 360 all in the same year . As Jackie Chan would say " Who loves you Baby !"

Happy Days :anjou_happy:

I almost died laughing when I read the news. It was an evil, twisted kind of laughter the likes of which only mister Burns could imitate.

This is Sony’s own fault for failing to supply the demand for PS3s. Developers were told to expect 4-5-6 million PS3s out this year. There’s no where near that many, meaning a lot of money will be lost supplying such a tiny userbase with AAA quality games.

This is huge.Definately something I was hoping for but didn’t really believe in…

As for Sony…hmmm…I can already hear people bashing Microsoft for all the same reasons in the near future when M$ is king in videogame biz…I mean this is cyclical…

…into the hands of a gaming audience craving for a highly polished and credible fighting game.

Not entirely subtle there, rofl…

This is freaking cool, although I can’t ever get too too excited about vs fighters on console, it will never be the same as the good old days in the arcades.

It’s a foregone conclusion that if MS ever starts dominating the console scene I’ll get very critical. For one because corporations get greedy and lazy when they’re on top - see Nintendo and Sony for that - and because I seem to be destined to always prefer the underdogs where videogames are concerned.

Grand. =D I might, just miiiiight get an X-Box 360 a year or two down the road then.

If they’re releasing it on BOTH platforms, I don’t see how that really matters…I don’t think that ANYBODY is buying a PS3 JUST to play VF5.

I mean, if we were talking simultaneous launch of MSG4 on all three next gen systems…“Sony gets pwned” might have a bit more legitimacy behind it as a statement.

But FV5 being on 2 systems isn’t much of an issue for a Sony hater to get excited about.

The things is Sony is starting to loose some pretty profitable licenses’ exclusivity…VF is not the first one.

Yep. Assassin’s Creed is another one.

With this announcement, it seems the reasons I want to get a ps3 are shrinking. Besides MGS4, what else would be a killer app title for ps3?

That said, Kojima has admitted that MGS4 could run perfectly on a 360 AND Konami is pushing Kojima to make a 360 port. Oops. =D

source? I wouldn’t be surprised if its true.

correct me if I’m wrong, but according to the article, there is no JAPANESE xbox 360 port is there?

I don’t recall a source for that statement, but I do remember that Kojima had indeed said a port of the game was technically possible.

That said, I don’t think he said the game would run “perfectly” on the 360 in its current state, or make any other comment about how close the two versions would be, if a 360 versions was created. I’m not saying that I think they would differ, I’m just saying that I don’t think Kojima made a comment about that.

I don’t know about Konami pushing him to actually do the port so a source for that would be nice.

I’m wondering how much of a profit MGS4 will make with the production costs sky-rocketing.

But then, I really couldn’t care less about a bunch of Sony loyalists who did everything in their power to support a one console industry.

If they confine Silent Hill 5 to the PS3, then I hope it kills them tbh.

For a start, how much more money would they have made if they didn’t have to waste so much researching into needlessly complicated CPUs?

Sony didn’t need to make custom processers when CPUs made by established vendors were just as good, if not better since most of the ground-work (through drivers) was done for them.

Sony clearly just wanted to kill off the smaller developers to consolidate its power.

And its backfired on them dramatically. I find this disgusting that smaller companies in japan had to partner with bigger publishers in order to make a buck in Japan. Either Sony wants to force the smaller developers to keep making games for the PS2 ala DC or they are just trying to create an elitist club and kill the others off. Whatever the reason it hasn’t worked thanks to the Wii and 360 even though it isn’t viable in Japan yet.

It’s called monopolising. Soon only a few large companies will control all the talent, and no one will be in a position to stop them.

It’s one of the pros and cons of free market capitalism.

I would have to be a billionaire now to see the games I want to play made. There’s just no winning.

At least Sony is being beaten at its own game. It can’t outmarket and outbribe the competition anymore.

In all fairness to Sony (oooh… the heresy!), the difficulty of programming for the PS3 really isn’t the big roadblock this gen. It’s simply the fact that next game games require much, much larger budgets than ever before, even on the X360.

One can?t also blame SONY for the state of the Japanese market either, smaller developers going to the wall, was going to happen even if SEGA or NCL had control of the market, the N64 and Saturn were hardly friendly machines to small parties, the jump to 3D killed off a lot of the smaller developers (credit to likes of Treasure they are still around)

The trouble with Japan from what I can see it it?s causal city, with only games that have a number in the title (preferably higher than 6) selling in the market place, mind you that?s been a trouble since the Snes days Just back then Mega Drive developers could still afford to back the system and make money off small sales, thanks to the low development costs of the 2D environment.

What not good for the industry though is to have 1 console that?s is so dominate, you have to support it, agree with the licenses and development practices .

Mind you this is happing inthe whole entertainment industry , with smaller TV , Films, Music corps are being swallowed up. Same is true of the car , food industry ect.

Like Duke says its called the free market