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[quote=“Gamespot”]According to the latest issue of Famitsu, Sega is developing Virtua Fighter 5 for its new Lindbergh arcade board. The company will be making an official announcement at tomorrow’s AM Show in Japan.

Other Lindbergh games to be shown at the AM Show include a new After Burner, House of the Dead 4, and Power Smash 3. Sega will also be showing a new head-to-head action shooting game named Psy-Phi, which will be an original new game by Virtua Fighter’s Yu Suzuki. Psy-Phi will use a touch-sensitive screen, and it is said to use hardware that hasn’t been seen before. All five games will be shown in a video presentation.[/quote]

It was only a matter of time, but I thought some of you would probably be interested in reading this.

They also got a scan from the magazine. From the looks of it, Lindbergh isn’t based on XBox360 hardware after all.

I understand that this is very much a random question, but could I ask if anyone has an inkling of exactly where the name “Lindbergh” was conjured up from? I’m not complaining, it’s not a bad name, I’m just curious as it’s just quite some way away from “Model 2” and “Naiomi”!

I wouldn’t know… And the official site link on that famitsu scan isn’t even correct…

Edit: Here’s a more detailed list of features (well, maybe not more detailed but in english) and more images from (some of) the games!

Anyway… It’s a given that VF will be excellent (again) so I’m actually more excited to see how the mentioned After Burner turns out. The images on D-Unit’s link sure look awesome but there’s only one of After Burner.
Edit: And VF5 does look great from the screens on system16.

I just hope AB is an ultra fast rail shooter just like the originals instead of a free flight Crimson Skies style game.
Edit: From seeing the pics on system16 it does look like it’s a rail shooter if I can judge from the formation of the other aircrafts and the camera angles…

Though if it ended up like Crimson SKies it would atleast be a quality game even if not true to the originals, I just hope that it will be a quality AB game, not just a quality game… And Sega can feel free to make a new franschise if they want to make a Crimson Skies style game and I’d be sure to check that out too…

The House of the Dead image looks great too. The zombies don’t look very improved since the last one (I think, I haven’t looked at images in a while) but there sure are a hell of a lot of them in there!
Edit: And the other images on system16 look great too!

Virtua Tennis, well, the shot is not of a good angle to judge it so I won’t… It should be an awesome game anyway :slight_smile:

What I wouldn’t give to have these games on the X360!

I think HOTD 4 was already planned for the 360 if I am not mistaken.

Bah! Screw scans… why not watch the video? :wink:

Those two new characters in VF5 looked pretty interesting. The Mexican type wrestler (atleast thats what he looked like to me) looked pretty sweet.

I still ahven’t play VF4 and have no idea were the series has headed (apart from the fact that Lion is now blonde :P) but I used to love VF above all others.

I eagerly anticipate any news about this gameSeen the clip but I really can’t say anything about it (ive watched the clip from gamepsot).

Afterburner looks very good.I don’t usually play airplane games but this looks arcady enough (and sega enough) to excite me.

Psy-Phi is remeniscent of Phantom Dust. have some vidsof Power Smash 3 VF 5 as well

VF5 looks unreal. The graphics on thier clothing is insane and the new Rey Mysterio character looks amazing. Akria looks just somthing else, the motion caputer is just the best ever
SEGA Artists and modellers have lost nothing

Oh this is going to be BIG. Look and Weep Itagaki :stuck_out_tongue:

Well I just wanted to add that I think the arcade board has two Graphics Processing Units, I don’t think this was stated anywhere on those sites… There’s a .pdf download on Sega’s website with the systems specifications and I believe it states that. There’s always a margin for error since it’s in japanese but I think the way it’s written is pretty clear… To download it just go to sega’s japanese website and on the left side it’s gonna have a few .pdf downloads alongside some other links. Download the one about lindbergh (duh).