Virtua Fighter 2 arrives on the Playstation 2

Virtua Fighter 2 (and an upgraded 2.1 version) is going to be the newest addition to the Playstation 2’s Sega Ages collection. Finally, we’ll be able to play an arcade perfect conversion of the game in our own homes.

All the 3D backgrounds, which were cut from the Saturn version of the game, will no doubt be present this time, including Shun’s bridge.

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Virtua Fighter 2 was extremely popular in Japan when the game arrived in the arcades and on the Saturn. Sega is actually making a sound decision by re-releasing the game. I’ve always wanted an arcade perfect conversion of Virtua Fighter 2, so this game shall be mine the moment it’s released.

Some Sega fans are still holding onto the hope of playing Virtua Fighter 4 on the Xbox. If you’re one of them, then you might want to consider signing this Virtua Fighter 4 Xbox petition. Will Sega listen to its many Xbox fans who are crying out for a conversion of the game on a console that can actually replicate the graphical beauty of the arcade version in all its original glory?

I don’t see the point. Each new version of Virtua Fighter is a superior version of the last, and most of the characters were old favorites plus a few new ones each time. Virtua Fighter Evolution is being touted as the best 3D fighter ever.

But maybe perhaps a Virtua Fighter 2 with Virtua Fighter 4 graphics will be a good thing. I’d also like to see them re-release the game where they threw in the Virtua Fighters with the Fighting Vipers.

Some of Sega’s old arcade games must still have retro appeal. Fans of Virtua Fighter 2 never received an arcade perfect home conversion, so I’m not complaining even if the game is almost a decade old (VF2 came out in 1995).

The graphics in Virtua Fighter 2 also seem far less artifical than those of Virtua Fighter 3.

Why on the PS2 on not on the Dreamcast (before it died of course)…
Seeing so many Sega Classics on non Sega Consoles pain me…

I agree with dragoon lover here, I don’t see a point to this… Who is gonna buy it other than some totally hardcore VF fanboy… When a FAR superior version of the game has already appeared on the console for CHEAP? VF4:Evo is trully a masterpiece… As for the artificial graphics debate, sure VF2 somehow looks more “realistic” style than 3 but then again 3’s quality is definitelly superior… And even so, Evolution’s definitelly aren’t more artificial and the gameplay is, again, superior (which is something that can’t be said for VF3 imo)

And I don’t think it’s retro in the way that a port of, for example, the original outrun would be since the gameplay of Outrun 2 is miles better when they make the sequel BUT the original game still has it’s own charm and feel. In VF however, I don’t think that VF2 has it’s own retro feel anymore, the core is the same as in 4, it’s just that 4 is also far superior cos of extra depth and more characters…

Also if they just wanted to finally have those levels in full 3D on a console they should just make new ultra detailed versions of them for VF4: Evo rather than do this…

[quote=“Geoffrey Duke”]Some of Sega’s old arcade games must still have retro appeal. Fans of Virtua Fighter 2 never received an arcade perfect home conversion, so I’m not complaining even if the game is almost a decade old (VF2 came out in 1995).

The graphics in Virtua Fighter 2 also seem far less artifical than those of Virtua Fighter 3.[/quote]

I have to agree with Duke. Virtua Fighter 2 was utterly amazing when it came out back in the day–I know I was always disappointed that Shun’s raft/bridge level was downgraded and that’s cool they are fixing it. To me, VF2 has always been the best of the series.

I know what you mean…

The arcade version of Virtua Fighter 2 was so much more detailed than the Saturn version that it’s almost unbelievable. Sega was forced to recreate the game for the humble Saturn which meant it lost a lot of detail in the transition.

Virtua Cop 1 and 2 were also converted to the Playstation 2 as was Virtua Racing I believe. They are all no less than arcade perfect. I think it’s great to finally play these games as they were meant to be played… even if it is on the much reviled Playstation 2.

Sound business decision for Japan, yes. That’s because VF has always been popular over there and people would eat that up for, if anything, nostalgia value.

But in the US? Nobody cared about VF until VF4. One hit. A single game. And the next installment you release is going to be a straight conversion of a game that’s nearly 10 years old? Good luck with that one.

Japanese gamers are so lucky.

I loathed VF2. I don’t care how revamped it is, I’ve always detested it. There was no enjoyment in it, you needed to do moves that were cheap as hell before the comp did them to you (Splash mountain, anyone?).

As Akira:

G+P+K (close), Away down-toward P+K, (pause) Away, away, toward P+K.

Instant Death. If they try to turn around with a punch or kick.

Did anyone else find it nigh-humanly impossible to pull off that move with a Saturn control pad? (Or was I just secretly lame at VF2?)

As for an arcade-perfect home version of the game… it’s a nice idea, but it does seem odd that they’re doing it after all this time (now that the series has moved on).

I actually didn’t mind the toned-done graphics on the Saturn versions of VF, Daytona, Virtua Cop, Sega Rally and the rest too much, but the lastability of all those arcade conversions got on my nerves a bit. I always wished that Sega would add more Saturn-only features into their conversions - extra levels, characters, modes and things - seeing as they weren’t going to be arcade-perfect anyway…

What, the Stun Palm? Not really, I just used a ridiculously easy control method, based sheerly around Akira.

A = Guard
B = Punch
C = Kick
X = Punch + Guard (therefore: throw)
Y = Punch + Kick
Z = Guard + Punch + Kick
L,R = Guard + Kick

Therefore, all I needed was:

Z, away down-toward Y, away toward toward Y

Ah, my determination to Go Manual with A, B and C was probably getting in the way a bit.

Yeah, Fighters Megamix was pretty great; it addressed the lastability / variety issues I was moaning about above, too. I doubt we’ll be seeing a re-release of it anytime soon though, what with Saturn games being pretty tough to emulate and convert (and with it not being as famous as VF2 and the other arcade classics).

I hate this.Some classics should be just left alone.PS2 has enough Sega games already.

This is an insult for people who spent money on the Saturn version of VF2, which by the way is probably ny favourite beat em up of all time…

I mastered that thing…