Viewing ORTA movies on PC... it is possible?

Hi all!,
I?ve posted this on other forum, but i haven?t got any response.
I?ve managed to extract the PDO movies to my HDD, and using a MPG2 demultiplexer, I now can see all the movies inside PDO, EXCEPT the PDO movies :…(
I can see the original PD movie, the zwei movies, the dragon-eye movie from PDO, but I can?t see the Intro-Middle-End movies.
They seems to be encripted/modified in some way. When you start to play one, the image appears but with all colors messed up, and after one or two seconds, the playback stops.

I don?t have the knowlede to decript these files (I?ve tried without success).
May be someone here can??
The sound can?t be extracted (is compressed using a propietary algorithm), but can be recorded from the XBOX out, so this is not a problem.

Thanks in advance!!!

I can’t help you.I can only welcome you to the forums :D!