Viewing .cpk files problem

I typed the ‘C:\My Documents> acpk2avi_converter.exe d:\Evt127_2.cpk event127_2.avi’ thing into the command prompt and recieved that message.

I’m not sure if this is the solution, but try typing “acpk2avi.exe …” instead of “acpk2avi_converter.exe …”.

A different message this time…

‘The filename, directory name or volume label syntax is incorrect.’

Oh, well… thanks anyway, D-Unit. :slight_smile:

Perhaps a stupid question but are you sure you’re in the right directory where the cpk2avi.exe file is? I’m not sure if you ever worked with a dos command prompt before, but you can’t follow the guidelines Solo wrote exactly. I see you used ‘C:\My Documents’ when you typed everything in, but is that the location were you unzipped acpk2avi.exe?

Yeah, it definitely is. I saved it in My Documents.

I haven’t really used a dos command prompt before, but I’ve been puzzling about this .cpk issue for a while now…

I’m afraid I don’t know what the problem is, although it’s probably easily solved. I’ll describe what I did to make it work:

  1. unzip the package
  2. I made a new dicrectory ‘c:\cpk’ and copied the acpk2avi to that location
  3. Opened a command prompt and went to that directory (by typing “cd c:\cpk”)
  4. then I typed "acpk2avi.exe d:\something.cpk somethingelse.avi

Hi folks,
PDS actually has the subtitles in a file (I don?t remember right now the name). I?ve converted this subtitles to subtitles that can be read with any player (that support subtitles, of course). MediaPlayerClassic do the job well.

If you do the conversion from CPK > AVI, and put the subtitles in the same directory, you can actually see the movies with the subtitles.

I don?t have the subtitles right now (i?m at work), but if anyone is interested, I can put a ZIP file on my server.

See ya

That’s great news for sure! People knew the text is in files but they didn’t know they can be added to the movies like that! I’m sure you’ll get a lot of praise for figuring this out :wink:
Great find!

Hey, nice work - I’d certainly be interested in those subtitle files, and I’m sure that many others would greatly appreciate them as well. I don’t think anyone here was aware that it would be possible to integrate them.

(BTW everyone, I just thought I’d mention that the complete PDS script / text dump I promised earlier in this thread is still coming. I ran across some files that required a lot more editing than I’d predicted, but as soon as I have some free time I’ll get it finished off.)

Awesomeness! Subtitle work would be fun. And is there any possible way you can edit the subtitles?

If so…

Can you say PDSpoof? :slight_smile:

Oh man… that would be fun. :slight_smile: I already have most of the PDS videos stored on my computer. It would be too funny to edit them into something else.

Ok boys, here they come…

Subtitles are named in the same way as movies on disks (00_1, 04_2, etc).
If you convert the CPK into AVI, copy the subtitles in the same directory as the movies and open a movie with a subtitle-capable player (there are many of them), you should see the movie with the subtitles.

I?m still trying to convert the PDO movies into AVI… seems they are encrypted in some way :frowning:

I hope all of you find usefull these files!

hm, I converted the cpk files to avis, put the subtitle files in the same directory (with the same names) and open the avi with the windows media player (with the subtitle option turned on), but no subtitles are shown.
Which player should be used?

AbaddFan, are you sure the subtitles don’t work. I haven’t tried yet, but I would seriously hope that they do work.


Those subtitles can be edited with WORDPAD!!! :smiley:

Does it get any better?

[quote=“TheSharpEdge”]Those subtitles can be edited with WORDPAD!!! :smiley:

Does it get any better?[/quote]

Hmm… maybe it does (?)

As we all know, you can open the files on the PDS game discs that contain the script / dialogue for the game in WordPad. You can also edit them (obviously), but you can’t save the changes to the CD ROM, of course. Would there be any way to modify these files, then create a PDS Disc Image that could be run on GiriGiri with them? So that you could play with your own script, basically? That could be… entertaining, if it’s possible…

You might be able to copy all the files on the Saga disc to a folder on your Hard drive, edit the text files, burn them all back onto a blank CD and then create an image to use in GiriGiri. That might work.

Anyway, thanks for pointing this out CheloXL, I’ll be trying them out soon.

They work, at least with my Xbox Media Player :slight_smile:
I don’t know why the subtitles aren’t shown with the Windows Media Player…

I made a german translation of the intro, really nice, tho strange :wink:

good job CheloXL!

I don?t know if WMP is capable of playing with subtitles (other than a propietary format of microsoft).
This subtitles are in a format that ANY other player (to name a few: Windows Media Player Classic (not from microsoft), BSPlayer, RadLight, etc) can show.

If you don?t want/need all the fancy stuff of WMP (skins, visualizers, etc)… could I recommend WMPC ?
It lighweight, plays formats WMP can?t, and of course, it can display subtitles too :wink:

hm, I downloaded the WMPC, but still no subtitles. In the menu bar ‘Play’ there’s an option Subtitles, but it’s grey (not available). Am I doing something wrong?
The names of the avi and srt are the same. Is there anything else I have to set?

[quote=“AbaddFan”]hm, I downloaded the WMPC, but still no subtitles. In the menu bar ‘Play’ there’s an option Subtitles, but it’s grey (not available). Am I doing something wrong?
The names of the avi and srt are the same. Is there anything else I have to set?[/quote]

You have to change the video renderer. Click options, then choose Output and change the DirectShow Video to VMR7 or VMR 9 renderless. Open the avi again and then select File > Load Subtitles.