Video game unions

I read this article about a union for game developers starting up in the UK and wondered what people thought about it.

Burnout is a huge problem for game developers, particularly for those who work under the pressure of the ever looming deadline. So I think that this will probably be a good thing.

Unrealistic deadlines and bad management ruin almost every game:

Sonic 2006
The Last Guardian
Final Fantasy 15

To name a few…

I definitely agree with you about Sonic 06. The Last Guardian turned out well though, and I doubt it would have run properly had it been rushed out for PS3.

Yeah, but TLG could have been so much more. They spent a better part of a decade fixing the technical issues. Now, imagine if that time was spent on actual content and gameplay…

And FF15 was just complete garbage. Never have I seen such an incomplete game in my life; with missing story only viewed through external media and dlc as well as overall bad game design!

I think in The Last Guardian’s case, had the technical issues been solved earlier, the game would simply have been released earlier. Better for Sony, but not necessarily better or worse for the developers involved. The creation of Trico was uncharted territory, so I’m not surprised the game was delayed.

That reminds me Fumito Ueda is making another game. Something with a girl and a giant?..I hope it turns out okay.