Very cool Azel stone tablet recently up on Ebay!

I don’t know if any of you have seen this going on Ebay before, but I actually bought one. It’s just very neat. It’s real stone with an image of Azel on the fron’t.

I’d say it’s one of the more interesting items I’ve seen!

Auction description:

This auction is for a Panzer Dragoon Azel stone tablet decoration.
This tablet features Azel when she is trapped in the ruins.
This flat tablet is made from stone and measures 14cm tall and 14cm wide.
The tablet comes complete with display stands (see photo)

There may be some slight variation of the outside edges of these tablets as they are made from natural chipped stone.
This means that each tablet is totally unique.

cool item - the process is quite easy though. … el-Medium/

is one of the methods.

If it doesnt make you poor , sure go for it. if they demand three digits of money for transfering images to a stone… screw them and do it yourself .


Cool idea but I’d go with a different image of Azel myself, if one is available, maybe one showing her whole (edit: so the image they use normally shows a bit more of her, I dunno why they cropped it to make it more square-ish). Cool, but yeah, it does seem like it shouldn’t cost too much.

Edit: found this awesome piece on deviantart while searching for Azel images. … -271535468 … 4hny3w.jpg
It looks like he sold it off for ?149.99. Not a bad price I think, unless it was really really small or easier to make than it looks.

Yeah it was pretty cheap for a stone with a picture on it, so I thought: what the hell! I’s not like there are a ton of collectables for Panzer Dragoon any way. And most of them fans have to or have made themselves!

Here are a couple of panzer coffee mugs he has up as well:

I still can’t believe how expansive that Panzer Dragoon Orta Xbox is! Woooo!

I saw that mug too but I think he should have at least edited the picture so that it blends into the white of the mug a bit better, not with clear vertical lines where the image ends. Perhaps you can do that yourself and find some place that lets you print your own images on mugs, t-shirts and the like.

Edit: so I didn’t see that mug, but an almost identical mug the seller of that other stone tablet has alongside many other mugs, but yeah, same diff.

Nice photos guys. I like the Orta mug.

Let’s keep the images no wider than 550 pixels to avoid stretching the forum layout, thanks.

i have the stone tablet too, it is very beautiful !

this seller have a great idea to mae these non officiel objects :anjou_happy:

Yeah I just got it a few days ago and it is very nice indeed! :anjou_happy:

and the seller don’t sell this tablet too higher cost :slight_smile: