Valve Software's Erik Johnson Interviewed (By me)

I have just posted an interview with Erik Johnson on Mod HQ (see my sig) for anyone interested… He didn’t answer all my questions but there’s some nice info on upcoming releases and a nice little ‘speech’ that modification developers (or maybe any aspiring game developer) might find enlightening…

Excellent work, nice interview.

I have just recently started playing Half-Life 2 Deathmatch, and Day of Defeat lately on my roomates PC, so this proved to be quite interesting.

Glad you liked it, I’m happy with how it turned out myself. I had other interesting questions which weren’t answered but, considering I was scared he would not answer to any of the questions that would give out any real information, I’m very pleased with and appreciate what I received.

Keep checking back on the website if you think you will be interested in playing mods (and I don’t see why not) as (and I hope this doesn’t sound too arrogant) Mod HQ is the most up to date overall day after day (and it’s run just by myself, not with many staff members like the ‘big’ HL2 Fansites).