Valkyria: Azure Revolution

Sega unveiled that they are making a new Valkyria game titled Valkyria: Azure Revolution for the PS4. I was actually quite surprised considering how dominant portable games are in Japan at the moment.

It seems that Sega have changed the gameplay from a strategy/RPG into an RPG set in the Valkyria universe. But since the new Valkyria game is being made for a console this time, it’s destined to be much more epic than something held back by the limitations of a portable console.

Anyone looking forward to this? I am going to assume the worst here and assume it won’t be localized.

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I am. I absolutely loved Valkyria Chronicles and its sequels. It’s interesting to hear its shift in genre, but I’m definitely wanting more in the series. I do wish the artstyle was closer to the first game, though.

There’s a notable difference in style, and the team misses some of the key directors and producers from the first Valkyria Chronicles (who also worked on Sakura Wars and Skies of Arcadia). So I’m a bit worried that this might turn into something closer to the recent Shining games, rather than the original Valkyria Chronicles. Still, if it turns out to be good RPG in its own right, I’m all for it. It’ll be interesting to see if SEGA decides to localize it. It would be nonsensical not to given that it’s a PS4 title, but this is SEGA were talking about.

On a side note, thanks for linking to Segalization :smile: