Valiant wing tutorial & PD Zwei Glidering dragon!

2 news :

1 - The last week I was able to finish the tutorial “How to make your own dragon”. It’s now online on our website at the following adress : … liant.html

It was written in english, and I hope you will be able to understand it. I tried to make something really useful for english speaking people. If you notice something wrong, or you if have any suggestions about this tutorial, please let me know by posting on this topic !
A picture of the Valiant :

2 - I also made a PD Zwei dragon. They’re not my favourites, but I thought that I had to make one. I choose the Glidering (or Grinding, I don’t know the right name in fact…) cause of the colours :

Painting was pretty hard on this model !

Hope you’ll enjoy these models !

Great man ! :slight_smile:

Man you gotta make both a Panzer and an Eye Wing module.

[quote=“Zzoull”]I choose the Glidering (or Grinding, I don’t know the right name in fact…) cause of the colours

Yeah man, the colors on that thing are awesome. It looks great!

Damn, man, you’re freakin’ amazing. Can’t even say anything.

Excellent work ^^
NEVER sell these hehe, I know I wouldn’t if I could make anything like that.
Also NEVER let your kids or nieces/nephews near them when you have them :stuck_out_tongue: they’ll break em for sure.
Yeah I’m thinking ahead!
Again, excellent work ^

The dragon models look both realistic and artistic. Great work.

VERY NICE!!! That is really cool! Especially since you made it yourself. very nice work :slight_smile: If i get the tools and time i’ll try making one

You just keep the excellent work coming, Zzoull :slight_smile:

The Glideling looks particularly nice, and its paintwork is very well-done. It’s both true to the game and very good-looking. Even with my lack of skills, I’d like to give your tutorial a go myself at some point.

With inspiration from Shadow, I drew up plans for a dragonmare model.

Pity is…it costs ?24.50. Maybe in a few months.