Vailidity of the Panzer Dragoon Timeline

Does anyone know where exactly the Panzer Dragoon timeline ( that so many PD fan sites have) came from? I believe i first recieved it from a fellow PD fan (along with the PD Mini ROM) via email back in late '98 or early '99. Clearly it was released before PDS or just before - but released by who? Is this official from TA or is it just japanese PD fan speculation? I’ve read it was possibly from a japanese game magazine around the time of the JPN release of PDS. I’m going to put the Timeline back up on my site - but i’d like to note where it came from.

Also to those who have looked at the timeline a bit more in depth - how accurate is it? I know some of the dates towards the end deal with events that are also listed in the encyclopedia in PDO. Events i’m particularly interested concern the imperial conquests of the Meccania Federation and Lis Vis.

Any thoughts would be appreciated.

I have had it on my site since before Azel came out- I too don’t remember where I got it.

It supposedly came from some Japanese fan site and it is accurate (the guide books all list similar dates and events).

plus, the timeline wallpaper on is compliant with it too. And that is definatly official.

It was from Team Andromeda’s website (now offline). In Japanese. Someone must have translated it, but I couldn’t say who.

Timeline wallpaper? I don’t think i have seen this before on the site. Link please?

Anyway thanks for the help.

@Lagi - i sent you an email last night at your address.

EDIT: I found the wallpaper on the Japanese site. To bad its in japanese though. But you say it does mirror what the Timeline from TA’s site says?

Yep, the dates match up with Team Andromeda’s timeline and Pandora’s Box.

[quote=“Solo Wing Dragon”]

Yep, the dates match up with Team Andromeda’s timeline and Pandora’s Box.[/quote]

Interesting. I’ll have to post it on my site.

The wallpaper with the names of all the Ships was awesome! I cant believe i hadn’t seen that wall paper before. Needless to say i have much work to do on my site now.

Good good :slight_smile: