Using Giri Giri to run Panzer Dragoon Saga

If you are one of the guys that succesfully runned Panzer Dragoon Saga, please post how you did it and what did you use.

P.S: I recommend stickying this topic to prevent more topics about difficulties of using emulators to run Saturn Games.

You have got to be the 1000000000th person posting the same question.I reckon we need a sticky.Truth is there are some topics concerning such issues in this very forum.Just do a search.

(I wouldn’t personally be able to help you btw).

Isso vai depender de muitas coisas, mas em principio, eu estou ca para estar :stuck_out_tongue:

I couldn’t find the tutorial I wrote to get GiriGiri working on this site, so I’ve copy/pasted it off my harddrive:

  1. Unzip all the files from girigiri_saturn.rar into a new folder. All folders in the directory path it must not have spaces in them. For example, c:\emulators\girigiri would be alright, but c:\emulated games\girigiri would not.

  2. Open up the directory and run GLAUNCH.EXE once.

  3. Choose what Resolution and control settings you want, then click on the “Hacked by Gavionne” logo.

  4. An Error window will display containing foreign characters. Click on OK anyway.

– Rip the game using CDRWIN or another CD ripping utility –
Download: … ag=lst-0-1

  1. Move the .bin and .cue files of your game (such as panzersaga1.cue and panzersaga1.bin) to the same folder that you unzipped the GiriGiri files into.

– Download and install DAEMON Tools or another virtual drive program –
Download: … _tools.cfm

  1. Using the DAEMON Tools program, mount panzersaga1.cue to your Virtual drive.

  2. Go Start>Run and type in the directory path to gentoc.exe (or click browse to find it), followed by a space and then the name of the .cue file. Then click OK.
    For example: D:\girigiri\gentoc.exe panzersaga1.cue

  3. Create a shortcut to gsaturn.exe by right clicking on gsaturn.exe and selecting “Create Shortcut”.

  4. Right click on the shortcut you just created and select Properties.

  5. Add a space and then -i on the end of the target.
    For Example: D:\girigiri\gsaturn.exe -i

  6. Now click on the Compatibility tab up the top.

  7. Tick the box next to “Run this program in compatibility for:” and then choose “Windows 98 / Windows Me” for the drop down list.

  8. Open base.ini and change fourth and sixth lines. In the fourth line you need to change the area code to one that matches the country of your CD. See the list below:

1 = Japan
2 = Taiwan/Philipines
4 = US/C
5 = Brazil
12 = Europe

On line 6, change from
depending on what you named the .bin file for your game.
Click OK.

  1. Now run GiriGiri from the shortcut you created before. If all went well you’ll be playing Panzer Dragoon Saga on your PC =D

Everytime I read that huge to-do list to make Giri Giri work, it gives me a headache. I have Cassini on my computer and it works fine with windows XP, and it is also more user-friendly (but less tweakable)

My Giri Giri still doesn?t work. I run Panzer Dragoon Saga, and it works, until i reach a screen saying “Team Andromeda Presents” and a brief noisy sound appears for about half a second, and after that, the screen goes black.

Solo, if you haven’t done it already, it might make sense to tarchive that advice in

Hmm, I’m not sure what to suggest. Does that happen with both GiriGiri and Cassini?

Good idea, I’ll do that next time I update TWotA.

If your CPU supports SSE2, just use SSF. It’s freeware, frequently updated, and pretty damn compatible. Haven’t tried Panzer Dragoon Saga with it in a while, but it does handle most games better than GiriGiri/Casani does. Additionally, it’s a hell of a lot easier to get games running on it.

In fact, it was just updated again yesterday. Good stuff.

I’m not sure if I’ve had that much success with SSF before - then again, I probably haven’t tried it out much.

Is SSE2 a relatively new thing? I doubt my Athlon XP 2500+ (overclocked to 3200+) has it. Is it pretty important for running SSF? Either way, now that you’ve mentioned the emulator, I’ll probably go and check it out. :anjou_happy:

By the way, is there a discernable difference in performance (in any area) between GiriGiri and Cassini? I know Cassini is basically GiriGiri anyway but with whatever changes Barnito made, however big or small, I wonder if any aspect of its running was affected.

Yes, it’s required to run the emulator. Intel first impletmented it with their Pentium4 chips, but AMD only recently implemented it, IIRC. The Athlon64 support of SSE2 is a bit meh as well since it’s purely clock-speed based, but I’ve never really done any real testing to see how much it hurts the actual performance of the emulator.

Something that turns off a lot of people about SSF is that it’s all in japanese, but if you go into the \message\ folder and open default. and put English above Japanese, then it’s automagically understandable :wink:

Don’t know of any differences between the hacked Giri Giri and the…hacked giri giri other than various different selections of software, BIOS revisions, and installers (didn’t Cassini require the Euro BIOS?). All the same, it’s a dead hacked up emulator and it’ll never get better whereas SSF is (and has been for quite some time) very much alive and always improving. You might not be able to play with it now because of your CPU, but when you do finally upgrade to something that supports SSE2, you’ll be quite happy (as long as you got a little horsepower under the hood…like ~3ghz)

do you have a link to it?

SSF runs ok on my system, but since it can’t play games In higher resolution I don’t see a point in using it instead of GiriGiri.

I really hope someone would programm a decent soundchip emulation :anjou_sigh:

Thanks for the reply, roushimsx - very informative! I guess I will have to wait a while before trying out SSF. :anjou_sad:

Yeah, I think that’s a very nice feature for emulators to have; ‘expanding’ the graphics resolution. Especially since the Saturn’s was what, 320x240? :anjou_embarassed: But I’m not aware of whether GiriGiri/Cassini have an option to run games in normal resolution. Perhaps I just missed something? Either way, their configuration ‘tools’ are not the ones I would have ordered…

Urgh, emulation. Great for playing MS and Genesis titles, but a pain for Saturn games.

The Saturn supported 320x224, 640x224, and 720x576…

I believe the highest resolution the Saturn supports is 720x480.

I believe Virtua Fighter 2 runs in that res.

It’s a shame so few Saturn games used its highest 3D resolution. Riglord Saga 2 is the only game I know of that uses it.

The Saturn lacked the power to process that resolution without taking hits in performance. Synchronizing the Saturn’s dual processors was a nightmare. Shinji Mikami said Capcom couldn’t do it, and Yu Suzuki hated them. No wonder the Saturn almost killed Sega.

I think the only game that ran at 720 mode was bomberman, and it really flickered.

I thought VF ran at 640 …

[quote=“Geoffrey Duke”]It’s a shame so few Saturn games used its highest 3D resolution. Riglord Saga 2 is the only game I know of that uses it.

The Saturn lacked the power to process that resolution without taking hits in performance. Synchronizing the Saturn’s dual processors was a nightmare. Shinji Mikami said Capcom couldn’t do it, and Yu Suzuki hated them. No wonder the Saturn almost killed Sega.[/quote]

The 32X and the bonehead at SEGA America and Europe killed SEGA not the Saturn, and they were quite a few Saturn games that run in the 720 res

The likes of World League Soccer, VF II, VF Remix, Decathlte (ace game), DOA, Digital Dance Mix, Shinning Force III (I’m sure it does), RSG, Shieryu, Last Bronx, Soukugurentai (I’m sure it does ), Die Hard Arcade, Saturn Bomberman (10 player mode), Mass destruction (ace game)