US Version of PDS - Black vs White Sleeves?

Hey everyone,

I had a question about the NTSC North American version of Panzer Dragoon Saga. I heard the initial run sold out quickly so Sega issued a second run, and that there is a difference between the two prints: mainly the sleeves holding the extra discs. One run has white sleeves, the other black.

I was wondering if anyone knew this to be true, and if so, which color represents which run, and if this affects the collector’s value of the game at all.

This is indeed true.

I have obtained two NTSC copies of PDS from eBay; the first (factory sealed) copy that I received came in white sleeves but was missing disc one, so I returned it to the Seller and got my money back. I then proceeded to buy another NTSC copy off eBay and this time it was complete, yet the sleeves were black.

No idea to which color represents what particular run but it would interesting to know which one I own. Black is much cooler BTW.

Black is second run. My brother and I missed the first run, but picked it up later on and we both have black.

I have the black sleeved version.

I’ve seen both versions out there, though I myself have the black-sleeved version

Cool, thanks for the info so far. I’m trying to create a sort of “collectors guide” for this version of the game so as much info as you can give would prove very helpful.

I have the white version (though I agree the black sleeves do look cooler). Does anyone know more about the production run history, as in how many copies of the first, white run were produced, and how long after they ran out did sega released the second, black run and in what quantity?

I bought mine the day it came out and I have black sleeves.

I think we’ve all just been pwned by Lagi

I’ve never seen white. Maybe they did a mix? My brother and I did get second run though.

Hmm…Rune Lai…a mix would be interesting. I wish I knew the answer, especially since everyone thought it was black for the second run until Lagi proved that the black sleeved version was definitely there from day 1.

Anyone know where I could get more information on the production run history?

I actually thought (since I had black sleeves) that white was the second run…

Yeah, that’s what I kind of thought too, as in black first run/white second…but get this:

from another person claiming to have purchased the game brand new:

“I bought my copy off the shelf in San Jose when it came out, and mine has 2 black sleeves and 1 white sleeve. And I bought it brand new, never sold it. I don’t know if that really throws off your stats or what, but I suspect they just used whatever sleeves they had lying around.”

I’ve never heard of anyone having mixed sleeves before…I kind of figured they would have been uniform in color. What do you guys make of this?

I imagine that at the factory they had bags filled with white and black sleeves. Somehow, the bag of black sleeves was emptied after only doing two discs so they just used a white sleeve.

I also pre-ordered and got black sleeves, although I’ve lost all but one of them :frowning:

What “sleeves” are you guys talking about? When I bought PDS it had a paper case Shenmue style (but taller ofcourse) and inside it were two DVD style cases with two CDs inside each. Very VERY well done packaging for sure. I bought it as soon as it was released too (I think).

Was the American version’s packaging different? I’d like to see it if yes, someone post pics of it please?

The US package was a standard Saturn-sized box. Disc 4 is where a single disc’s game normally is but the other three discs are in paper sleeves that are designed to stack over the fourth disc.

Here are some links to the US version of PDS, the first is an example of the mixed black/white sleeves mentioned earlier, the second just of the black: … 17184&rd=1

I see… And that’s the standard box of the US Saturn games?
I much prefer the european packagings then, all the games I remember were in black DVD-ish cases (Maybe others had different packaging, I don’t remember)

[quote=“Al3xand3r”]I see… And that’s the standard box of the US Saturn games?
I much prefer the european packagings then, all the games I remember were in black DVD-ish cases (Maybe others had different packaging, I don’t remember)[/quote]

Yeah, but the early Pal Saturn games were in this god awful case, that would just fall apart and was so cheap, before SEga europe changed them to DVD -ish cases which were much better. And fair play Sega Europe did give better cover art on Enemy Zero and SAGA , yes even better than the Jp Artwork

Why don’t all games just use the old standard jewel CD cases too, like most of the Saturn Mega cd, DC games did in jp. They are so much better to store if nothing else.

Plus I wish games would use more of the orginal Jp based Artwork. It just looksa 100,000,000 better than the useless American rubbish.

Just look at the US artwork for Street Fighter II, and the JP Artwork for Street Fighter II