US Presidential Elections 2004

D-day is upon us. It’s Nov 2nd and, with a slight hint of exaggeration, the fate of the world is going to be decided in the next 24 hours.

From what I’ve seen, it’s tight. If anyone is on this board, and you haven’t decided who to vote for yet, vote Democrat just to make me happy. And everyone else in the world who has seen that Mr. Commander-in-Chief fights wars by waiting for the enemy to run out of bullets.

I’ll take this oppurtunitty to say that America is too big a country to have a prime-minister and a president (of the republic) all in one man.The president is an all mighty god.

That said I don’t know who I’d vote cause quite frankly I dunno Kerry.I can only talk about Bush’s foreign policy (as far as terrorism is concerned anyway) and I don’t totally dissagree with him in the invasion of Iraq even tho there should be an excuse.

To be honest, the power isn’t all in the hands of a single man. However, the problem comes in the fact that that one man can assign many different positions and fill them with his cronies who will do his bidding, or are just as corrupt as he is (either that, or his cronies are the one who got him into power in the first place and he’s just a puppet in their scheming ways).

Also, our bipartisan party system just sucks. So does the electoral college system.

But, regardless, I r0x0r3d the v0t3 this morning. Despite the fact that living in California, my vote counts for next to nothing, and no matter what, California is going to vote for Kerry anyway, I felt it was my civic duty.

Kerry +1 :smiley:

Just out of curiosity, is Kerry’s stance on Iraq really that much different to his rival’s? If Kerry wins, America still won’t be pulling out of Iraq any time soon. I think America will have a permenant presence there (like it has had in Germany) for the sake of protecting its interests (oil in Iraq, Kuwait, and its other allies in the Middle East like Qatar).

Personally, I’m more interested in how the next president will tackle the problem of North Korea and Iran (in that order). Say what you will, appeasement isn’t the answer.

No, America will not pull out. That would be irresponsible at this point. We’re too far involved… we destroyed their government and to leave now would leave a hole that would most likely be filled by extremists with guns.

However, either way, it’s going to cause more turmoil as America will most definitely have a permanent presence in Iraq (America already has a permanent presence in Saudi Arabia, which is one of the reasons bin Laden hates us in the first place). As calloused as this may sound, I don’t blame out government for wanting one. Oil is a precious commodity and without it, our society would fall apart.

However, our approach to the matter is not correct. We are not as efficient as we could be. We don’t have enough language specialists in Iraq. We don’t have enough cultural analysts to decipher the problems that Iraq faces.

Kerry supposedly (that’s the key word here) is planning on fighting a “smarter” battle in Iraq. I just hope he’s telling the truth.

That being said, his stance on Iraq really isn’t the primary reason I (and most people) voted for him. Bush & Co. have too many vested interests in oil and energy companies to be able to run this country even-handedly. If you ever want to get scared, read up on the New American Century documents signed by Rumsfield, Bush Sr., etc. on how America is to be the only world power moving forward. America may be the most powerful nation, but there is something to be said for helping the world prosper, not taking over whatever countries we see fit.

Hopefully with Bush and his cronies removed from power, we can start back on the right path. We shall see.

I think that we are so hopelessly dependent on oil that if the Middle East was in a position to stop selling oil to us a lot of people (all across the political spectrum) would literally people up in arms about it.

I feel that America has the potential to be a very positive influence in the world, and all the anti-American sentiment that has been festering in Europe as a result of the war in Iraq won’t help its cause when the time comes to deal with real threats.

I’m going to wait for the outcome of this election to be determined before predicting how it will shape the future…

Well, the Middle East already tried that once back in the 70’s…

I was going to post how I don’t like your bipartisan system too actually I just forgot.It’s really ironic that a country reputed to have freedom of thought and with so many races and religions only has two parties…

In my mind Kerry is sure to win.The man doens’t inspire much ocnfidence in my eyes.Like many normally put it he might well be a “douchebag” :stuck_out_tongue:

At least the mastermind beyind him (there’s a woman behind every man…) as noble blood in her veins.Portuguese blood that is :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Yeah but when Saudia Arabia tried to cut off its oil supplies no Middle Eastern country was armed with nuclear weapons.

This whole situation could escalate in some of the worst ways imaginable (I think if America doesn’t deal with Iran’s nuclear capabilities, Israel will, like it dealt with Iraq’s nuclear weapons programme). Maybe one day we won’t be so dependant on oil to the point where our countries would simply come to a grinding halt without it.

To cut a long story short, I don’t see a peaceful future ahead of us. America can make all the difference.


I own the Cthulhu for President t-shirt, campaign DVD, bumper sticker, and roleplaying game.


Ever hear of the many Independents running?

But yeah, I get you. The two-party system doesn’t do much for me, I feel it divides the country too much.

On an interesting note, I have word that the Communist Party ( is on the Florida Ballot this year. The Socialist Party is there as well :smiley:

Jon Stewart was awesome on the CNN show “Crossfire.” He tore apart the two hosts, who are about as bipartisan as you can get, and said they were “hurting America.” I applauded him.

As for the Middle East, well, these problems are a long time coming. We supported Saddam before he came into power, we funded and trained bin Laden and his troops, we overthrew the Iranian government, we then supplied Iran with arms while we were pretending to be Iraq’s allies in the Iran-Iraq War, etc. and the list goes on.

And I’m appalled to think that some people still believe terrorists hate America because “they hate our freedom.” If I hear that one more time, I’m going to go crazy…

I voted for Walt Brown of The Socialist Party, so don’t blame me when Bush or Kerry wins.

johnkerryisadouchebagbutimvo …

It does appear that he has lost at this point, though.

I have lost faith in the American people.

Though I never truly trusted my hopes, I had refused to believe that this would be the outcome.

We have failed.


I can’t express my feelings right now without using copious amounts of profanity, so I’m gonna just leave it at that.

Now I know how much the Bush-haters hate Bush…

What’s just as sad is that 11 states have passed a law banning same-sex marriage (and in most of those states, “legal unions” as well).

Even worse is the fact that most of those states passed the law by a landslide margin. I’m talking 70-90% of the people voting in favor of the law.

That’s just sad. Really, really sad.

Dammit, this country is going straight to hell in a handbasket.

Grargh. Ok. Can’t think about this anymore. Must concentrate on physics…

[quote=“Abadd”]What’s just as sad is that 11 states have passed a law banning same-sex marriage (and in most of those states, “legal unions” as well).

Even worse is the fact that most of those states passed the law by a landslide margin. I’m talking 70-90% of the people voting in favor of the law.

That’s just sad. Really, really sad.[/quote]

What’s the difference between a marriage and legal union?Don’t you get the same money?

Bluefoot : I have a Physics exam myself :anjou_sad: