haha, you could make this the next big hoax :wink:

great job, but i was wondering…

where did you get the textures? i’ve done work here and there in various 3D model programs but i never have a good source of custom textures.

so were these renders? or is it actually playable to an extent?

what was it that you used to model the characters/enemies?

pat yourself on the back :slight_smile:

Impressive Lagi!

I am quite curious at what program you used for this, the textures, the shapes, all done very very nicely.
It is a shame that the project is dead as you would put it, I imagine it would have been a nice fan game.

That was an orginal intent- I was going to cpature the in-game footage and distrubute it on the net, and then after the hoax cleared release it as a couple level demo.

I made most of the textures from various sources.

It was somewhat playable. The models were in the world you could walk around, but nothing happened (if stuff happened, I would dsitrubute it!). It used the Genesis 3D engine, which is like a Quake II engine.

I used 3dsMax for part of it, Maya for another part. The goal was to get the project done rather quickly and match some of the sytles already there as opposed to really detailed models for renders. The humans were like 800 polys and the pure type creature is really low, like 200 polys. Really low models so the result would run well on medium spec PCs.

I still have aspirations to finish it, but time will tell if I ever do.