Updated list of where the Sega community is online these days

Could we make an updated list of where the Sega community is online these days? I think it would help us network people. If I can remain online I might rejoin it.

Sure, if you want to make such a list (a list of sites?) that seems like a worthwhile project. I recently added these pages which are based on the old Links section.

You made a topic 12 years ago, and I thought you might remember it.

It is worthwhile. It is hard for me to believe that the Sega community isn’t networked well. Where are the huge communities? I know Sonic is still huge.

Social media. And Discord.

Have a chat to a guy called Saturn Memories. He runs a dedicated Sega Discord server.

I think we need to be in the here and now more. The past is for the truly hardcore, but maybe it can help gather a few fans who will support future Sega games. I would rather move forward, but at the same time, there might be something worth keeping from the painful Saturn and DC era.

Anyway, I am thinking we need an updated list. Is Discord easy to set up? I think you will like me if we talk.

Yes it is. You can download the desktop app from https://discordapp.com. But many of us use it on our mobile phones, since that’s the device we have with us all of the time (look on the App Store or Google Play).

Once you’ve got it installed, you can use this invite to join our server.

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