Unreal (amiga 500 or so)

I like the airsequence ! http://youtu.be/m1SsstzrV84

HAH! Yeah I was so impressed by it at the time, one of those games that held my interest because it was visually exceptional, but looking back the gameplay is quite pathetic. Still, at least the 3D stages were decent at a time when most attempts at Space Harrier clones were just awful on any consoles or home computers. Rough looking, but for the actual smoothness of the scaling and visual density I think it actually shames almost anything even on the 16-bit consoles.

I have some memory of a connection with this game:


At least the first I saw anything about it, there was supposedly some of the same people working on it, even though it was published by Psygnosis rather than Ubisoft. A much more memorable game all round, for me anyway. Both had some great tunes as well, but often enough even the crappiest Amiga games still had great music. :anjou_love:

ooh, great animations :smiley: wonky soundfx but really nice tune :slight_smile:
I guess Susumu Hirasawa doesnt use amiga systems by accident for his music.

D’oh for some reason I was thinking of the FPS unreal. But then again the amigas died off well before epic’s unreal was relelased. >_< Anyway that definitely looked amazing. too bad my dad got rid of his old amiga1000.

of course I am sure the amiga could handled something like unreal since quake 2 was ported to the amiga line.