UK Azel: Panzer Dragoon Saga and Black Sega Saturn for Sale!

Hello again, all! I hope you guys are well.

I’ll be going back to Japan very soon (after having returned to the UK for a few months for family stuff), and I’ve decided that, since I can’t take them with me, it’s time to sell my UK Saturn and my beloved UK copy of Saga. I hope they’ll go to a good home. I’ll be getting Saga again in Japan to help with my studies, of course. :wink:

Here are the details:

1 Black Sega Saturn with all cables and controllers (new CR2032 battery installed just last week to power internal RAM, plus spare CR2032 included).
Original box missing, but will be well packaged for protection.

1x Azel: PDS fully boxed including outer sleeve. Condition as follows:
Disks: A+++ (truly beautiful condition)
Disk boxes (plastic): A+++
Manual: A (very good, just not ‘shop new’)
Outer sleeve: B (better than most on ebay, etc. but some aging visible).

I’m selling the bundle for 155 GBP inc. shipping within mainland UK.

I will ship overseas, but would need to get postal quotes before I can give a price on that.

I am willing to split the bundle if necessary, but would need a good offer to do so.

All payment via Paypal.

If you need to ask anyone if I’m legit, I’m sure board-member Roludom would speak for me. We did a transaction for my CD collection last year. I’m sure he’s loving those CDs. :slight_smile:

OK, thanks for your time and attention. Get in touch if you’re interested.

Very best regards,


Plenty of view, but no bites?
It seems you guys already have the game. (Of course you do!)

Looks like I might have to look to ebay, after all.

In terms of price, though, this is pretty competitive, no?

Yeah, the price you’ve set seems about right.

Thanks, Solo. That’s what I thought after seeing some crazy listings on ebay.
I’m guessing my original supposition - that everyone on this forum probably already has the game - might be about right.

Still, I’d rather it went to a forumite who loves the Panzer series, so I’ll give it a bit more time before I put it on ebay.

Hi Genjuro!

Glad you still selling your Panzer Dragoon stuffs here before putting them on eBay. I even would have been interrested (in the PAL game only since I still have my PAL Saturn) but I’ve just bought a flat and there are a lot of renovation works left…

But guys don’t be shy if you’re looking after this gemm since I can tell this guy is legit and really friendly!

Good luck for this sale!

PS: Maybe just a PM for an estimated price for the game only :anjou_embarassed:

PM sent, my friend. Thanks for your kind words!

Apologies to anyone that tried to PM me about this thread, especially Berserker.
For some reason, outgoing mails are getting stuck in my outbox and not getting send.
If anyone is still interested in my Azel and Saturn set (it will be going up on ebay very soon), please contact me asap including an e-mail address where I can reply to you off-forum.

Very best,


I just tried sending a PM and ran into no issues. Strange.

Strange indeed, Solo. I never got the PM. Is it stuck in your Outbox?
That’s where mine seem to be getting stuck.

I didn’t send the test PM to you, Genjuro. I’ve just sent another one to you, however.

The PM behaviour is different (from email) in phpBB. PMs will stay in your Outbox until the recipient views them. It’s possible that the recipients never opened the messages.

Ah, ok. Thanks for clearing that up. That explains everything.

The Saturn and PDS have now been sold to a forum member.

*** I actually have the Panzer Dragoon anime on PAL VHS cassette with original box and cover if anyone is also interested in that. It must be very, very difficult to find now.

PM me if you’re interested. Thanks!