Twintris (Commodore Amiga)


Did anyone play this version of Tetris back in the day? Great music and earthquakes whenever you scored a line. It was one of the first games I played.

Someone remade it for modern versions of Windows, complete with the same catchy music, although it appears to lack the two player mode.

It turns out that Twintris was programmed by Svein Berge, with the music by Torbjørn Brundtland, who were only 14-15 years old at the time. Quite impressive when you consider how much more difficult games were to develop back then. Both went on to form the band Röyksopp which has released a number of albums. I have some listening to do.


The first Tetris game I ever played was on the original Game Boy. It was pretty awesome to have a portable system in the early 90’s; and with no back light mind you! I remember having to buy this ridiculously large, light attachment that snapped on!


I had one of those cheap “8 in 1” brick games which had a few variations of Tetris along with the snake game and some other simple games. I remember a company also made “98 in 1” brick games which were the same 8 games repeated over and over to make up the 98 games, so game 9 would be the same as 1, game 10 the same as 2, and so on (lol).