Twas 9 years and 364 days ago

…that PDS was released in the US. 3 months after the Japanese release. Yeah, I’m basing myself on Wikipedia so I don’t know the European release date. Does anyone remember?

I think I bought PDS a good month after it was released over here, but I can’t really recall when exactly.

Damn, 10 years is a long time…I remember how I foolishly tore down the game’s cardboard box since I was eager to just play the game :stuck_out_tongue:

Good times; no worries, just pure otherworldly bliss. I do remember being kind of depressed when the game finished for a couple of days, though. The ending really got to me. Cut me some slack, I was 11 :stuck_out_tongue:

So any Saga related stories?

Unfortunately no, but I was hoping some PD websites are still alive out there.

Ten years is a long time for a game to be out. 6 is a long time to get Saga back. I got it when it was still in Toys R’ Us. I was already drawing dragons and daydreaming about them. When I saw the game, that was it. Played it, enjoyed it, and lost it. I lost Panzer Dragoon Saga.
Saturn was already on its way out, so I looked in pawn shops in the southeastern United States when I was home, and the mid-west when I was on vacation. I found a lot of great games. I made a salvation army run just for kicks one summer. Saturn games. There were six of them. I remember my mind racing as I leafed through them: Major league baseball, Virtua Fighter, Pan- Panzer Dragoon I and II! Zwei didn’t have the Zwei CD, though. It had four CDs.
Two whole US dollars. A few days ago, I went to Goodwill and finally found the second part of the trilogy. It is still a great shooter.

Good to finally write on the forums. I debated over registering for years. Hi.

Never too late :anjou_happy: Always happy to have new members. Actually at the time I bought PDS Toys R Us was the only place in town who still had a copy. If I had to guess I’d say there was a total of, like, 10 copies in the whole city, even at release date :stuck_out_tongue:

My dad brought it home for me one day as a surprise. He had stopped at Electronics Boutique (now known as “EB Games”) and picked it up, along with the 3D control pad.

I’ve been replaying it lately, between school and work. I am currently on disc 3. I see there is much I have forgotten, though, so after this initial reintroduction, I am going to have to play it again with serious intent.

Hm, I have vague memories of when I got it.
I want to say that it was a birthday present but since my birthday is April 9th that does not make very much sense, does it? I am pretty sure I did not preorder it as I remember seeing it in Toys-R-Us. However I am also pretty sure I did not get it in 1999 because I know my family got the internet that year and I was counting down for the Dreamcast. I believe PDS came into my life before that? Maybe it was a Christmas gift?

So regardless of WHEN I got it there is a somewhat interesting story of HOW I got it which delayed my playing. It was a gift from my parents, who ordered it through some mail-order place. However it did not arrive long after it was supposed to. What happened was the address label wore away slightly in the mail and it got sent to a house on my road with the number of 71 (my house is 171). This was discovered through UPS and contact was made with the woman who lived at 71. They would leave it in their mailbox one morning and then it could be picked up. However it was not there! It turns out the woman’s daughter had taken it in thinking it was mail. So there was a second attempt and I successfully gained possession of the game.

It was one of the first RPGs I had played and it entirely blew me away. My mind was abuzz with the aesthetics and story implications of the game for months afterwards. In fact it still is, in the background…

i remember getting it either as a birthday (june) or christmas present just after it came out… whichever of those is closer to the UK release date. It was the best ever. I’d played the SSM disc several times over and built up Lagi to a really high level in the Forbidden Zone, such was my obsession.
I can remember the excitement opening the present to find that game… could it really have been a decade ago?

I read about this game for months before it finally came out. I live in St. Louis which is pretty much a gaming wasteland for any real fans of good gaming. I could not find any local stores that were even going to get it in. They either had already presold their copies or were not getting it. After it had been released, about 2 weeks after, I walked into the local Toys R Us one day and they had a presale for it. I thought it was a mistake and they were not getting it, but I asked the clerk anyway. He told me that he didn’t think it was coming in since the release date had already passed, but he said he would check in back. Sure enough, he came back with a surprised look on his face and gave me a copy. He said they got one in and that if I didn’t buy it, he was going to. I didn’t even have to think about it. I bought it and walked out totally forgetting what it was I had planned to buy there and spent that night and the next day playing through it.

Fond memories! Of course I don’t still have that copy. In a desperate race for money, I sold my copy on ebay. I hated doing it and couldn’t get the game out of my head, so I took the money, hoped back on ebay and rebought a brand new sealed copy. Never again will I make that mistake!

im still planning to make my totally comprehensive enemy database (no one steal this idea >_> )

coming soon!