Turgor - the reason I might have to buy a PC



Watch both those trailers. To each his own, but those trailers both introduced me to the game and made me instantly hyped. When I watched the first trailer the first thing that popped into my mind was “Myst” and how I could see losing myself into this game much in the same way I did with the Myst games. I still don’t know much about the gameplay but even if it’s not that good I’m still eager to play it.

Apparently you essentially interact with the world by painting (much in the same way you use the brush in Okami). It will heavily depend on how it’s implemented but the scenarios alone make me want to buy a PC so I can play this PC-exclusive game.

It looks strange but interesting. I’ll have to keep this in mind for future games to try.

Thanks for posting.

Looks pretty awesome! It reminds me of Myst combined with Kirby: Canvas Curse?

I intend to re-install Windows at some point (I am currently using Linux) and if this game gets a US release I would buy it.

From the developers of pathologic. A better effort hopefully (though many people love it despite its issues so you may wanna try it!).

The painting aspect better NOT degrade into a “draw lines to make spells to kill stuff” type of thing. That’s the only use of it they show in the video and it troubles me a lot, I hope this isn’t just a glorified fps with pretty backgrounds and freaky enemies.

Well this isn’t a FPS so since this appears to be part of the combat mechanics it probably won’t be the focus of the gameplay.

I’ve actually been looking for Pathologic and I found a friend who has a copy. I’m going to see if he lends it to me. I hear both the graphics and the translation are bad;other than that I’ve heard of no nonsubjective complaint.

Here’s a third trailer ND’s PR sent me and I youtubed:


Pathologic was a very interesting game, looking forward to this. It’s only signed for CIS countries so far though I think.

I just borrowed a copy of Pathologic and I’ll be playing it when I get a chance (swamped with university work lately).

Thanks for posting the 3rd trailer Grumbler.

Pathologic was really just unplayable for me… I just can?t take my time exploring a rough diamond when there is a clock ticking in the background. Maybe I could try again with a strategy guide.

Tension looks very artsy, like Myst meets Rez with a little bit of Okami thrown in and very basic humanoid characters. Not really thrilled so far - artistic value without fun is not worth much.

Some guys who made Тургор in past make game Axle Rage http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=y1Flelc9qec for PC and PS2(!), but game canceled!

What are you actually using?


Surely you can just install windows if you’re using a Mac that was made within the last bajillion years :anjou_embarassed:

Axle Rage reminds me of Headhunter for some reason.