Troubleshooting for Members of the Old Forums

If you were a member of the old phpBB forums your account, posts, and private messages have all been moved to this new Discourse forum. However, some information was not moved across:

  • Passwords. To log in, you will need to reset your password via email.
  • Avatars (you may want to use Gravatar which will automatically change your avatar across all Gravatar enabled forums).
  • Profile Information (you will need to reenter this)
  • Polls (however, poll discussions have been migrated and these are arguably what’s important).
  • Read/Unread Posts (click on “Unread” and then “Dismiss Posts” to mark all posts as “read”)

Discourse does not allow spaces in usernames. All spaces in usernames have been converted to underscores.

Members who closed their accounts on the old forums will not show here at all. Their posts will be listed as authored by the “system” user, the most notable author who closed his account being Lance Way.

All previous posts have been converted from BBCode to Markdown. You can use either BBCode or Markdown on these new forums, however Markdown is recommended and is what the built in editor supports.

Need further help? Contact and we’ll see what we can do.

All avatars have now been copied to the new forums. If you added a new avatar since (or have a Gravatar), I prioritised the most recent avatar.

I have enabled Twitter authentication on these forums.

Twitter accounts cannot be linked to existing forum accounts; they can only be used to create new forum accounts.

Edit: Facebook authentication removed.

Wow, shock factor over. Interesting forum, never used this before… Need to find everyone!

The An’jou emoji’s are back. :anjou_happy:

:anjou_angry: :anjou_disappointment: :anjou_embarrassed: :anjou_happy: :anjou_love: :anjou_sad: :anjou_sigh: :anjou_wow:

However, they are not appearing on old posts. :anjou_disappointment: