Trojan.PSPBrick more like Trojan.PSPBogus!

Turns out that the “virus” assignment that was submitted to all the major antivirus/malware companies (likely by Sony) called Trojan.PSPBrick, and subsequently reported on in associated press stories all over the internet as “the first virus for the Sony PSP console”. Is a lark.

Sony created the virus scan signature to FIND the TIF file that is at the core of the homebrew code which cracked their 2.0 firmware.

This is not to say that somebody COULDNT write malicious code designed to damage the PSP, I’m sure they could. But, it would likely not find it’s way to Norton, MacAfee and Microsoft so quickly…or not without the homebrew community figuring out what was going on BEFORE

I wouldn’t be too alarmed if all of a sudden Trojan.PSPBrick starts showing up in virus scans … where you have your downgrade software stored. It’s just Sony’s last ditch effort to get you to delete it off your hard drive.