Top tens from Game Trailers

I found an interesting website with commentary media on game related things. Kinda like G4 but with user movies too. Here are some interesting top tens I picked out.

Top ten best game consoles:

  1. Sega Dreamcast.
  2. Atari 2600
  3. Gameboy
  4. Nintendo 64
  5. Sega Genesis
  6. Gameboy Advance
  7. Playstation 2
  8. Nintendo Entertainment System
  9. Super Nintendo
  10. Playstation

Bottom ten worst game consoles:

  1. Phantom
  2. N-Gage
  3. Virtual Boy
  4. 3DO
  5. Sega Genesis add ons
  6. Jaguar
  7. CDi
  8. Atari 5200
  9. R Zone
  10. Gizmondo

Top ten scariest games of all time:

  1. Clock Tower
  2. System Shock 2
  3. Eternal Darkness <—Oh god yes!
  4. Darkseed
  5. Doom 3
  6. The Suffering
  7. Alien versus Predator
  8. Resident Evil
  9. Fatal Frame II
  10. Silent Hill

Top ten best and worst video games of all time:

10 worst. Bad Boys: Miami Takedown
10 best. Resident Evil 4
9 worst. Barbie Horse Adventures
9 best. Halo <---- Nah.
8 worst. Bubsy 3D
8 best. Metal Gear Solid
7 worst. Zero Wing
7 best. Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas <----Sorry, but no.
6 worst. Atari 2600 Pac Man
6 best. Final Fantasy VII <-----Are they serious?
5 worst. The Legend of Zelda: Wand of Gamelon
5 best. Tecmo Bowl
4 worst. Shaq Fu
4 best. Super Mario 64/Super Mario World(tie)
3 worst. Custer’s Revenge
3 best. Street Fighter II <-----Woohoo!
2 worst. E.T.
2 best. Tetris
1 worst. Superman 64
1 best. The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time <-----Woohoo!

Top ten Star Wars games:

  1. Star Wars Trilogy Arcade
  2. The Empire Strikes Back
  3. Lego Star Wars II
  4. Super Star Wars
  5. Empire at War
  6. Star Wars Battlefront II
  7. Rogue Leader
  8. Knights of the Old Republic
  9. Tie Fighter <----Although I prefer X-Wing
  10. Jedi Knight II: Jedi Outcast

These things always so blatantly skewed somehow or another. For example, if it’s based on any sort of vote, how many people have ever really played E.T.?

How do the “bottom 10” lists work? I mean, is 1 the worst? Or is 10?

Because the bottom 10 hardware lists, I can see working either way. Except for the fact that the n-Gage is listed next to the Phantom. The Phantom never even released. The n-Gage at least had 1 or 2 decent games…

And what’s the criteria for “worst” anyway? Because the Sega CD (grouped in with Genesis add ons) *might *be arguable on the basis of being a bad idea in the end, but there were more than enough great games for it to keep it far from that list.

I remember the R-Zone being pretty tite, though I never owned the Panzer game that came out for it. And, even though I never owned one, people I know who had 3DOs said that it was great too.

To each his own, I guess.

Can’t say I agree with most of those lists.

I feel like I’m the only person who doesn’t find Eternal Darkness to be scary. This isn’t meant as a knock against it. I’m not yet finished with it, but I believe I’m decently far in and I’m finding it to be wonderfully atmospheric and very, very engaging. So much so that it is the one game that will decide the fate of my 'cube (as most of the other exclusives I’ve tried for the console have left me wildly unimpressed). But has it actually gotten in my head enough to genuinely scare me? No. And I also can’t stand Sanity Effects, which was pretty much the game’s most-hyped feature. They’re pretty cool at first, but when they start repeating a dozen times over, things get pretty sour. Thank god the game can be largely played without seeing the bulk of them. But yes, in short: richly atmospheric and engaging? Yes. Actually scary? Not to me.

Yeah I can’t say that Eternal Darkness was “scary” scary, but it understands what true horror is, much like Edgar Allen Poe does. The atmosphere is just dripping with Lovecraft lore. I actually beat ONE ancient, but supposedly you’re to beat all three to get the true ending. The only scene in Eternal Darkness that scared me the first time was the bathtub scene. About the only game to positively terrify me every time was Fatal Frame II.

Yeah, that about sums it up. ED is an atmospheric masterpiece! :anjou_love:

And god yes! Fatal Frame games just about make me wet myself.