Tomb Raider Legend

This is the game I’m most hyped about right now right next to Too Human.I worshipped the first game of the series and like the sequels as well (unlike some people who say the sequels are bad; I don’t find them bad;they are just not innovative…)(i haven’t played Angel of Darkness tho).

The game picked up my interest mainly when I heard it was beeing made by Crystal Dynamics.After reading every piece of info and viewing every picture/trailer I can honestly say this is gonna rock my socks.The game is featuring a lot of cool new things too and I plan on getting the X360 (whne i eventually get the X360).

Anyone interested in this game?

Crystal Dynamics? They still exist?

gets lost in warm, fuzzy memories of Solar Eclipse


Yeah, I’m watching this one pretty closely. I just hope it lives up to expectations.

I’ve been looking forward to TRL ever since I knew Toby Gard was back on the scene. Although I was somewhat disapoionted with Galleon as a whole game, elements of it still prove Toby Gard was a big part of the spark that made the original Tomb Raider a classic. And I have no doubt his leaving Core was a big part of why the subsequent games had such a diminishing spark.

I love what I’ve seen so far, the animation really looks to reinstate Lara as one of the best moving models around. If Toby can even half make good on his mission to deliver an experience that feels as new and mysterious as playing the first game for the first time then this will be a very cherished game for me.

I never liked the first Tomb Raider all that much. The sequels were all just more of the same.

Well I picked up this game a little late, I probably would have got ASAP except I haven’t been paying attention to game releases. After playing 3 stages I am very impressed, it’s basically pure Tomb Raider advanced. Anyone who has any nostalgia left for Lara Croft owes it to themselves to pick this game up, and I have no doubt this will earn many new fans as well.

The best thing about the original Tomb Raider was the genuinely interesting spaces to explore and that’s the main thing this game needed for me to care. While there’s something about the old grid based ‘lego block’ engine that created an absolute spatial awareness this game will never have, the sheer variety, the art but more than that the care in ensuring each new space you step into is individual and never just filling space between the good parts maintains a sense of attachment to the envireonment, and thus the ultimate illusion of exploration that is truly rare.

The block puzzles are back but they seem a far cry from the linear and repetitive chores of the old TR games (and basically every other game since that has emplyed them) and nearly every switch conquered triggers some dynamic and unique mechanism for reward. In fact there’s so liittle repetition of devices and visuals I’m almost nervous about how long such quality will last. But I guess I’ll find out.

The gameplay is at once derivative of the best elements of nearly every noteworthy action game in the last several years, yet perfectly faithful to the qualities that made the series an original in the first place, unlike Angel of Darkness. Discrete influences from Prince of Persia, Splinter Cell, even Halo and Shenmue are transparent but completely appropriate and integrated with the new whole. And in context of the dynamic level of interraction the absolute degree of control is I think the best I’ve seen shy of maybe Ninja Gaiden.

Hopefully these impressions are not betrayed before I’m done with it but yeah… I’m really impressed and happy so far. A really gorgeous and satisfying pick-up-and-play level game especially on 360. The lower framerate is a dissapointment and it’s not exactly pushing the hardware but the comprehensive lighting model and filtering effects are well worth it bringing the atmosphere together very well. Besides the fremeout gives it that truly old-school finishing thouch mebbe…

I was at first skeptical about getting Legend since I had never played a Tomb Raider game before, but I am very glad I did.

I am only about 2 hours into the game, but it really has me hooked. The first I noticed actually was the soundtrack; which seems to be very well orchestrated and unique for every situation. I definitely can’t wait to spend some more time with this game, its been a while since i’ve played a good adventure.

It’s a brilliant game. I wasn’t too sure after the AOD disaster but my mate brought it round and once I got on I couldn’t get off. I highly recommend this game to all gamers.

Hmmm… I don’t think I can ever see myself buying a Tomb Raider, but I’d be willing to give it a go should I find a friend that has it… and then proceed to kill Lara in most amusing manners. (I dunno >.>;; It amuses me)

The ragdoll physics look kinda funny if you drop her from large cliffs.