Tokyo Game Show

lol, the highlight so far has got to be Jean Reno in Onimusha! XD
Great actor, but meh why did they have to use him for in game character…

Just bumping this as the article has been updated with more games including a shinobi sequel (pretty much more of the same) and Sonic Heroes among others…

Another day’s update, some pretty good looking titles I suggest you all take a look :slight_smile:

Wow! Lookin pretty cool!

Final article update, there’s quite a few good looking titles for all consoles after all. A certain Bioware Action RPG for X-box stands out nicely :slight_smile:

That new bioware game looks really cool, Bioware make great games so im expecting this one to be great too.


It owns, indeed =D

BioWare and Blizzard both showed up to unveil new console games. I wonder if they went relatively unnoticed since they are of Neverwinter Nights/KOTOR and Warcraft 3 fame, respectively, great games with legions of fans based more firmly in the west.

I’m just awaiting KOTOR 2 with baited breath.

has that been announced?!


has that been announced?![/quote]

BioWare can’t afford not to capitalize on the success of KOTOR. Sequels are how companies survive in this day and age.

You know its coming.

You know its coming.[/quote]

that game rocked!

I still need to finish it. Between that, Halo, and er, Panzer Orta (honestly) I have my gaming schedule full =D

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I too wondered how console owners would react to a BioWare style of RPG (like Baldur’s Gate 2) when console RPGs are usually of Japanese origin. Seems to have paid off well.

BioWare and Black Isle Studios (who both worked on the Baldur’s Gate series) have ventured into the console market with a much different approach (the X-Box Baldur’s Gate games are single player games). I prefer party based games to single player adventures, myself.

erm, you probs gonna go mental when I ask this, but what is KOTOR? I know it short hand for something otherwise it wouldn’t be in caps:P me probs heard of it…just not the short hand version!

Knights of the Old Republic

oh, right, thanks! yeah, see I have heard of it…and played it:P ohhh, makes sense…yeah, I see why you talk about it so much now:P