Toejam and Earl: Back in the Groove

An old Sega franchise is making a comeback on Kickstarter, from the developers of the original game:

I’d love to see this happen with other classic Sega IPs.


Brilliant, this definitely has my support to go ahead, I love Toejam & Earl.

What would be the top of your list to make a come back then Solo?

Aside from Panzer Dragoon (obviously), a Shining Force strategy RPG from the original developers could be awesome (imagine Shining Force III in high definition, made in Unity).

After that, maybe a Burning Rangers sequel?

Vectorman deserves another chance too. Lots of possibilities; his morphing ability could translate into many fresh gameplay styles limited only by the imagination. There was going to be a PS2 game, but it was cancelled.

I would also love to an isometric Landstalker/Dark Savior style game (it could use actual 3D graphics this time, but keep the isometric viewpoint). It would make sense to use a fresh IP so that there would be no need to get permission from Sega.

Even more than Sonic in a way, and even at the time I thought Vectorman was a huge missed opportunity on the Saturn. It could have translated perfectly to a 3D environment using sprite scaling in exactly the same aesthetic that the Mega Drive games already did it. /sigh

From memory the PS2 Vectorman didn’t look very much like Vectorman. A 2.5D game with a similar aesthetic (to the originals) would be nice.

As an update they just hit their funding goal so this will come to life. If anyone is a major Toejam & Earl fan you should probably give this a look as they’re offering quite a few physical TJ&E items.

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