To all pds fans looking for a new and interesting secret!

This is actually an easy level up trick.At the end of the game, inside the tower you will fight an enemy called Scorpitara.This enemy will allow you to fill up 3 bars before attacking.If your dragon is strong enough to kill these enemies with 3 turns, you have just taken the first step in being able to level up very easy.With all of your bars filled up you can hold down B and your dragon will automatically fire your 3 turns.What I noticed is if I put something heavy on the B button that kept it held down, I could watch my dragon enter constant battles.The dragon would fight by itself with me not having to hold or push buttons on the controller.So what I’m trying to say is, do what I just mentioned above, go to sleep, go outside, or just do whatever for an extended period of time.When you come back or wake up your dragon could very well be at level
80 or higher.Now go and pound Sestren into the ground.

But would random battles constantly occur like this? I mean, if the B button was held down then the dragon would eventually get to the end of the corridoor. When the dragon isn’t moving the random battles wouldn’t occur.

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It’s not like you even need a high level to defeat Sestren either, as it’s quite simple to kill it without ever taking any damage.

Its just a neat trick if you want to become super strong or reach level 99.

With the button held down your dragon will always be flying even if you are stuck against a wall. When you are stuck against a wall battles will still occur.

You posted this on GameFAQS too.

yup just wanted to spread something new.

I dont visit the Gamefaq’s forums. So thanks for the heada up!

I don’t think I understood it well but hey, Welcome :D!!

avoids you-know-what-about commentary :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Yup - i replied to it on Gamefaqs - pretty much what Solo said

[quote=“Me on GameFAQ’s”]ahahha - hey thats a cool idea.

But won’t your dragon fly into a wall and stay there or sumthing?[/quote]

Its not that hard to understand just read it carefully.If anyone has had success in doing this trick please let me know. If its too complicated to understand maybe I could rewrite it more clearly. I think I explained it pretty well but thats me.Thanks