Thoughts on the Zwei Remake at this point?

With the latest Nintendo Direct over, it really seems like we are not getting any news on the Zwei remake. Does anyone have any evidence to suggest that there is space for hope?

I try to be optimistic, but it has been confirmed now that Fear Effect Reinvented has been cancelled.

Well, the first remake introduced me to the series and I acquired an Xbox for Orta. I guess it can’t hurt to go out and acquire a Sega Saturn.

Given that we received a confirmation earlier this year that Zwei Remake had not been cancelled, and that the first remake exceeded sales expectations, I do think that we’ll see Zwei eventually in some form.

It’s possibly on the back burner as they prioritise potentially higher revenue generating games such as The House of the Dead and Front Mission.

I think Forever Entertainment will be working with IPs that are more recognizable so that they get more cashflow before Zwei comes out.

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If I remember correctly, FE said they still have one more remake to announce this year, could this possibly be it?

What I hope is that at least some members have been working on the game this whole time and it wasn’t completely put on hold. By next year they will have been working on the game for 4 years! So, I really want the game to be polished and full of little details.