Thoughts On Pocket Kingdom

I’ve been hearing alot of raves about the new N-gage Nokia game POCKET KINGDOM by Sega recently. I have n’t had a chance to play the game at any depth(Only breifly at a freinds house) I thought it was nice but what’s your opinions of this “unique” RPG?

You actually BOUGHT an N-Gage!?

One of a rare breed.

N-Gage is pretty good actually. Except that the games part is irrelivant really…

Yeah, when does a phone stop being a phone?

No my freind did,hench when I said I played it at his house but breifly.
It was okay but I didn’t play it long enough. I’m thinking of buying one though,when the price is right.

Sidetalking is inherently homosexual though.

Pocket Kingdom looks interesting, I would also get an N-Gage QD for the game Pathway to Glory and the upcoming fighting game One which looks awesome. Also if any of you have seen Requim of Hell that game seems very intriguing.

Yeah N-gage has some good looking and intresting selection of games.
I’m not sure that Nokia is actually taking on any of the big contenders in the upcoming handheld war but marketing it as a multimedia mobile phone.

Anyway i’ve changed my opinion of this system since seing it in action.


Sidetalking is inherently homosexual though.[/quote]

bluetooth+handsfree = c00li0 r0x0rz