Thought this might interest you guys

I haven’t been here in awhile, so if this is old I apologize.

Ironic, I’m currently encoding up a set of videos from disc 3 right now.

It would be neat for someone to edit them to really tell a story.

There should be more than enough material to work with so that someone could stitch together an abridged Panzer Dragoon Saga movie (similar to the Silent Hill 1 - 3 movies). I’m limited by both software and editing skills (I’m woefully incapable of doing decent audio work, so all of the transitions would suck).

Maybe on a future runthrough (after I’ve secured some svideo cables) I’ll do an optimized clean run with minimal leveling. Not a speed run, just something that’s nice and clean. For now, this should do dandy.

Windows movie maker is disgustingly easy to use. It even fades the audio for you. I’ve put together an edited version of the Arachnoth video. The quality is pretty low to keep the file size down, and it’s in .wmv format, but both of those problems can be fixed. If either Lagi or Solo would be willing to host it temporarily, you guys could take a look. If you like it, I’d be more than willing to work on putting together a full PDS movie.

I love Windows Movie Maker’s interface. Extremely easy to use and supports importing anything you have a codec installed for. I don’t really like using it for larger project though, because I don’t like being restricted to Windows Media Video. It’s quite a nice codec, but it really limits your target audience, whereas with XviD you can play it back on mepg-4 supporting DVD players and just about any computer (as long as you have VideoLAN client, of course…which doesn’t need to be installed, just run…making it perfect for people with restricted computer access at work who really have nothing better to do than watch game videos).

If you feel like editing together a movie though, feel free. I’d love to see what comes out of all of these raw videos.

I don’t like being restricted to Windows Media Video.<<

Isn’t it possible to keep it as an avi (or .wmv) and then convert it to divx later?

You’re going to lose quite a bit of detail when you do that. The drop in quality going from mpeg2 to xvid is pretty noticable, even at healthy bitrates. Transcoding to wmv and then back to xvid is begging for a pixelated mess, even if you dropped the final product’s resolution down to 320x240.

Maybe once the internet2 takes off then we can just all stick to using huffYUV for video and FLAC for audio, and problems like these will go away :slight_smile:

Didn’t somebody mention a way to get movie maker to export in divx format awhile ago when everyone was making those music videos? I wonder if the thread is still there.

Found it.

Would following that process result in less of a loss of quality?

Nice find, that’d help a good deal in minimizing the quality loss. I might wind up using that method to edit together some footage in the near future as a little test.

You going to finish those videos anytime soon? I’m enjoying em.

sounds like a great idea :anjou_love:
i hope it all comes together well!

Sorry, work has been raping my free time. Hopefully this week I’ll be able to finish encoding up the final batch and then upload them before the weekend.


Sorry, work has been raping my free time. Hopefully this week I’ll be able to finish encoding up the final batch and then upload them before the weekend.[/quote]

RoushiMSX, you are a god among men. I can finally see what PDS is all about.

I hope the finishing half comes soon, I’m dying to see the rest.

The site no longer works. Bummer. I was hoping to watch Discs 3 and 4 this weekend.

The main page works, but the rest of the site was taken down recently to make room for more stuff.

I didn’t get around to finishing it off this weekend, though i did submit all of disc 2 to Fileshack to make room for more videos on my space. I hate when work interferes with a project I care so much about, but my hands are tied at the moment :frowning:

If you want to watch disc 3 now, download videos 39 through 56 here

If anyone is still interested in this, I finally put up along with the rest of the videos.

I could use some help cutting everything together, and if you need more footage at any point, I’d be more than happy to get you all you need once i get a new hard drive (looks like a full run would only take up about 50gigs or so in mpeg2 before going to xvid or h264).

If you don’t like it, that’s cool. If you do, that’s cool, too.

I’d be willing to help, but it looks like classes are really going to kick my ass this semester, so I’m going to have very little free time. If it’s not done by the time summer rolls around, though, I could take a crack at it.