Those movies

…that just marked your mind forever.Name them.

I must say I’m infected right now.I saw Memento for the first time last Wednesday and I still can’t take it off my head.It was possibly the best movie experience I had in my life.Maybe it was my state of mind at that moment but it struck (sp?) me hard.

I doubt any movie will ever do that to me agehn.
Twas so great it even makes me cry.

The Lord of the Rings.
Star Wars.
Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon.
The Fox and the Hound.
My Neighbor Totoro.
And lots more where that came from.

Just to clarify : I’m not talking about your favourite movies.I’m talking about that left you with a sentimental dread.

Sentimental dread? Not just sentimental? Darn. That narrows it down. :stuck_out_tongue: I like watching uplifting movies. Unless you count Dark City.

I can’t describe it in a way other than "Greek Tragedy in a Feudal Japan setting"
An amazing piece of art, a masterpiece. Akira Kurosawa outdid himself in this one. It’s based on Shakespeare’s “King Lear”

I cried after the end of Spirited Away. Does that count?

No.I cried lots of times.

Well maybe I dind’t :>

I’m talking about something you can’t get out of your head.I’ve seen this movie 3 times already and it just feels special.

I really love Guy Pearce’s character.

waking life definitely had a huge effect on me… it just exploded my brain. not really melancholy or nostalgic if that’s what you were asking, but it was a movie that deeply effected me.

not exactly a movie but the ending to cowboy bebop had a lot of weight to it.

I can’t describe it in a way other than "Greek Tragedy in a Feudal Japan setting"
An amazing piece of art, a masterpiece. Akira Kurosawa outdid himself in this one. It’s based on Shakespeare’s “King Lear”[/quote]

i thought that movie was unecessarily long and boring, but i still liked the story and thought it was good anyway- it just wouldn’t have hurt to shave off an hour of footage :wink: i really thought the ending was great with what happens to the last son; just the way it happened… it was kinda stylish and… sad.

I don’t care about going from one importand scene to the next, to some ppl a lot of parts of the movie appear to drag on and on but to me it just set the mood even more, it was a lot like a theater play rather than a movie in places, not grabbing you and telling you this is how it is here then throwing you to the next importand scene but allowing you to take in every emotion the characters felt with every detail of their actions… and also every moment of battle allowing you to really see how horrible they were with the bodies piling up like that and the people suiciding to not be caught by the enemy etc etc etc, I just loved every bit of it and wouldn’t have minded at all if it was even longer :slight_smile:
Very much like a Greek Tragedy really, all the movies based on Greek epics are being shortened and butchered and have more action and what not in order to be made more interesting or whatever but to me that’s a disgrace when the originals are such masterpieces in every aspect and all those directors shouldn’t be allowed to butcher them like that…

i know that it was made to be like a greek tradgedy play, but i’ll never take to extended monologues to express a character’s feelings. i respect it for what it is, but that storytelling method just doesn’t work for me personally :slight_smile: so it isn’t so much about getting straight to the action, i liked much of the “downtime” in the battles. it’s just when the father would talk for 5 minutes straight, i found my mind drifting and became more interested in his beard than his words :confused:

The Elephant Man
Blue Velvet
La Strada
Paths of Glory
Johnny Got His Gun

All of those play your emotions like a violin.

Ghandi had a big affect on me, id recommend it to people who havent seen it.

'Dog Soldiers’
An epic tale of betrayal, fighting, love, and um…werewolves and footy, deep in the scottish country side.
'The long walk home’
Brilliant movie about America in the ‘Nazi’ years.




And that has made me happy for the rest of the week.

First of all, hello i’m new to the boards. But the movies that stayed with me the most would have to be.

The Professional
The Last Samurai

Welcome to the forums, fmalinkevich. (Nice avatar.)

Maybe I’m being sceptical, but I really dread to think what that Troy film’s going to turn out like…

The film that springs to mind the most is probably Blade Runner, which is one of my favourite films too. In terms of “dread” I’d probably list up A Clockwork Orange; and I really liked the film version of Fight Club, but I thought the original ending to the novel worked better.

I would also suggest everyone here see Eraserhead. Just be warned, it’s weird, very, very werid.

Clockwork Orange felt a bit pointless sometimes altho i really like dit.

Btw, welcome to TWOTA Fmalinkevich :slight_smile:

Movie I can’t forget or get out of my head? Hmm…

You’ll laugh, but it’s Jeepers Creepers. Don’t ask. You have to have my strange, warped mind to understand why.