This is the best Panzer Dragoon site I have ever seen!

Hello, I am new here as you can tell.

I found this site from another site and man does it kickass! Matter of fact this puts to shame the official websites. Awesome work from the staff. A lot of art work and screens of PDS which I have never seen.

I’d would like to say that I once had a Saturn and PD & PDZ. Yet I never got to play PDS. I hope to one day play it before I pass away. I kinda wish I never sold my Saturn and PD & PDS… I sold them to get money for newer games since I was a small kid with no form of making money.

Anyways… I do have two question though. On the videos section, I downloaded the teaser for PDA (1st time I’ve seen a trailer of it). When I played it, I feel in love with it. Now I noticed its 2 minutes long yet on the description it says its suppose to be 0:10:44. Am I like missing 8 minutes?

Finally, I was downloading “Panzer Dragoon Orta Ripped Text Files,” but when I use WINRAR, I get nothing from the file. How do I see them?

Thank you!

Welcome to TWotA. Glad you seem to like this place. :anjou_happy:

I suspect that’s a typo; I’ll check when I get home. I’m pretty sure that the video doesn’t last that long. If the music comes to a close, then that’s the end of the video.

That’s odd, it works just fine for me. It should contain a bunch of .msg files which you can open with Notepad or a similar text editor. I’d recommend reading the text from these pages if you just want to read the script, however; the ripped text files are just a collection or garbled text mixed with actual dialogue saved from the DVD.

Well, the video fades to white and then replays it again. I have my WMP 11 beta on loop play. I guess its good then.

As for the RAR file, I got it to work with the Notepad and I get some crazy symbols. I then selected Wordwrap from the format tab and I get this:

?? ?? ??? < ???, ??? The water is so beautiful… I can’t
believe it’s so polluted. ?#
? 4? ??? < ???x ??? Damnit! (#
d? ?? ??? < ???x ??? Aaaaagh! uU"
?? ?? ??? ???x ??? I’ve gotta get down to the river to
collect some water… vU"
? <? ??? ???x ?? Whew… Looks like I’m done here. wU"
l? ?? ??? ???x ?? Alright, 2 more times… xU"
?? ?? ??? ???x ?? Once more, then I’m finished. yU"
? D? ??? ???x ?? Alright! I did it! zU"
t? ?? ??? ???x X? Great.
The water’s weighing me down… {U"
?? ??? ???x 8? I gotta leave it in a little

Thats from one of the many files I extracted. Is that the way its suppose to look like?

And another thing, I do not seem to like this place, I LOVE IT!

Theres just so much love poured into it. Definately the best fansite for a videogame I’ve ever seen. Very deep.

Another thing, how about putting some more videos? I know they are hard to come by. I’ve searched many times trying to find trailers to the games, but come out empty handed. All I have is the trailer from AZEL (your site) and the teaser from Orta (again from here)

Sadly I can’t see the 40MB Orta trailer since I only have a modem and the ISP I have automaticly disconnects me every 4 hours. Oh well…

I wish I had more Panzer Dragoon collectibles. I assume all those pics of the game box covers, means you have all those eh? All I have is PDO (NTSC) and 6 of those rubber pins of PDO given at E3, which are shown in your site.

Yes,I truly like TWoTA website. Its very cool to have almost every single details about the PD Series.

But I sense something missing.How come Orta’s profile isnt in the character page? Was it because Orta is the most unpopular character? Or most of her info is in Azel and Edge? Or mostly,its in Panzer Dragoon Legacy.(Sorry about that,its just that I’m a very big fan of PDO :anjou_embarassed: )

Anyways,Im new to here.So,hi to all

[quote=“Panzer Dragoon Series”]As for the RAR file, I got it to work with the Notepad and I get some crazy symbols. I then selected Wordwrap from the format tab and I get this:

Thats from one of the many files I extracted. Is that the way its suppose to look like?[/quote]

Yeah, another forum member called Lagi (the guy who runs the awesome “Art of Panzer Dragoon” website) managed to find the files and ripped them straight off the DVD. The garbled symbols must be there so that the Xbox can know where to insert the subtitles into certain parts of the game. Unfortunately, this makes it difficult to read through for humans, so I’d recommend just reading through Lance’s version, which contains all the hidden text in the notes at the bottom of each episode. -

Sure, that’s definitely something to think about for future content. Any other videos that you’re after besides the E3 PDO trailer?

I’ve just got the three Saturn games (PAL versions) + Orta, most of the guidebooks, and a few CDs and things. Most of the screenshots in the Products section were taken by Lance, with a few exceptions.

Certainly the reason that there’s no profile for Orta isn’t because we don’t like PDO, even though some here did not like the game. I guess one reason would be because there are already profiles for PDO characters on Panzer Dragoon Legacy like you suggested. But the main reason would be that no one has submitted one, therefore it just hasn’t happened.

Gosh, I just noticed something… I kinda feel a bit dumb about posting this topic here. I didn’t read the main page for the forum that this topic belongs on The Liberal District. Silly me just rushing in and posting. Thats how excited I was when I was told about this site that I just rushed into the first forum and post something.

Any way that this topic can be moved to The Liberal District?

And about the videos, I remember seeing a site that had a video of the Japanese commercial video for PDS, but it only downloads for a few seconds and its stops downloading. Probably an error. I would so like that video.

How about trailers to PD & PDZ if they are any? Thanks BTW!

It’s no big deal. Anyway, I’ll look into get those PDO videos (and any older ones if I can find them).

The Will of the Ancients is a wonderful site, and a true credit to the games that inspire it which is saying something. I felt the same way when I discovered it last year. :anjou_love:

The depth you have noted is a direct reflection of the depth in the world of Panzer Dragoon, I think it could fairly be claimed that compared to the relatively terse depiction we have thus far, Panzer Dragoon is as deep as any original game narrative gets.

Ah yes… fresh minds to confuse and befuddle :smiley:

Thanks Solo Wing Dragon for moving the topic here and I hope you find some of those old movies so I can watch them. :anjou_happy:

I too love this website as I was keen to knowing more about the game and of course stumbled across here. I like it as it tells me a lot of information about the Panzer Dragoon series, I may have passed * Panzer Dragoon: Orta *, however I did not know much about the other games and only got a chance to play the Original Panzer Dragoon recently after beating *Panzer Dragoon Orta * I did not like the first game so much as there was hardly any talk going on and that only happened at the start of the game and about halfway in it, but that was it. The levels were too short too as there was only 6 but all the same it was a good game to start the series off. I still have not seen the other Panzer Dragoon games yet but hope to soon.