Thinking of parting with my Azel RPG Complete OST

Hi there folks :slight_smile:
My name’s Mick and I’m the admin over at, been a long time follower of this site but first time poster.
Hopefully I wont get too much flack for my first post being a for sale thread :wink:

Thinking of possibly parting with my copy of Azel: Panzer Dragoon RPG Complete Album OST (Panzer Dragoon Saga Original Soundtrack)

Note this is NOT the mini-soundtrack or the Memorial Album, it is the original OST complete with spine card and near mint.

This particular version had a single run of 2000 copies only in Japan and in recent years this album has become all but unobtainable.

I’m not that interested in soundtrack collecting, I paid a good ammount to get a copy of this as close to mint as possible and literally just want to make my money back on it, not a profit.

I’ve had one good offer bot he doesn’t currently have the money to pay for it, I’m also undercutting the price of a copy without the spine card currently for sale elsewhere.

PM me or email: mick(at) if interested.

Best regards, Mick :slight_smile:

Welcome, mick_aka. Great job on, I’m glad sites like that still exist. :anjou_happy:

Probably not the response you’re after, but would you be willing to submit some high resolution scans for this page? … tracks.php

Hi there, yes I’d be willing to do that, would you like scans of the booklet too?


I kind of wish I didn’t recently agree to buy a $90 book… I don’t think I’ll be able to afford this. :anjou_disappointment:

[quote=“mick_aka”]Hi there, yes I’d be willing to do that, would you like scans of the booklet too?


Thanks! The main images I’m after are the front and back covers, as well as the discs. But scans of the booklet would be great too.

No problem, I’m working away until Tuesday, as soon as I’m home I’ll scan the lot.

Excellent. is a great site and nice to see the admin is still out and about!

May I ask for the asking price for the OST?