Things to look forward to in the next Panzer Dragoon game

What do all of you look forward to in the next Panzer Dragoon game? What do you expect the gameplay to be like?What will it take to make an amazing rpg experience that will live up to PDS.What do you think will make a great story?Do you think there should be any more shooters?I think Panzer dragoon Saga and Zwie should be an unlockable.Thats just one of the things I hope in included,just like how the original game was included in Orta.Give you opinions.

The next PD RPG (it has to be an RPG) will have to have an action combat system similar to Orta.The berserk attacks could be sorta of combos pulled out in the controller(as in Dragon Phoenix - b,b,a,x,y,y,a,a,a,x while holding some other button for the cpu to know it’s gonna be a berserk instead of “actual actions” :P).Plus no random battles please and no out-of-explore-mode-battles!I want the enemies to be seen in the map from a distance when they come.

Everyone is gonna flame me for saying this (or perhaps just ignore me as usual) but I would love to see a remake of the first Panzer Dragoon.

But since PDO got that game included in it’s box I think that’s impossible.
Zwei remake would be cool too :smiley:

I’d definitly like to see a sort of dragon growth system, as, where we left off, the dragon was a baby.

A small party, fast battles that take place in the actual game environment, visible encounters, a simple attack combo system (similar to Xenosaga). Party members should come from different societies of the Panzer world to get to know different points of view. There needs to be some incarnation of the Empire, but it should not be the main enemy. Of course we need a dragon, but only one - other party members should have other means of transportation.

I had given a few ideas on a real time combat system in this thread:
However I think what I wrote on the above linked thread should be kept for side story games, not the main ones. The first for an action game and the second for an RPG

So I’ll write one more suggestion here, for an RPG again:
I pretty much expect it like Saga except allowing for far more detail due to this (or the next’s) generation’s graphical capabilities, perhaps on a par with Shenmue :slight_smile:
More adventuring (again kinda like shenmue but NOT TOO MUCH of it, don’t make it the main part of the game), massive seamless areas to fly around and explore with the dragon. Not empty like in Saga with an entrance and an exit but make them REALLY explorable. able to find passageways, caves, well hidden Ruins etc. Make it feel like you really get the chance to explore the Panzer world. More wild life bringing the world to life even more. The ability to leave the dragon at any point and travel around on foot or by other means (For example u leave the Dragon in a Seeker camp, pick up a coolia and enter an Imperial city as a regular ol citizen to do some covert op/meet someone and other such things)
The ability to land with the dragon and travel around on his back still kind of like the first couple levels of PD Zwei (Except full 3D movement ofcourse)
Some ways to make the battle system more interesting. I’m gonna do just a suggestion here haven’t really thought about this much.
3 gauges for the dragon and an extra one for the dragoon. A set of realistic skills for the dragoon. First gauge filling faster but normal attacks doing less damage. Parts where you have to travel on foot or on other transportation means with a human (or not so human) party with each person using a system similar to the dragoon with a few twists depending on their nature. Parts you get help even while flying on your dragon (worm riders, perhaps even dragonmare users and other similar things with their own sets of skills - but I think they might have to be CPU controllable)
Parts where the game changes to action type in the style of Orta for pre-set action sequences to provide an adrenaline rush (but better than Orta plz). Mini games like the coolia racing mentioned earlier but rather than make a Gold Saucer thing like FFVII integrate them more into the environments you meet them in. For example coolia racing in some ranch, betting on something equivalent to cockfighting in some bar etc.
More choices that alter the storyline as a whole or just parts of it and/or the way you approach situations allowing for replaying of the game to try different things. Keep the outcome of the story the same however, make it more like this: various paths through the game that lead to the same ending rather than various paths with a different ending for each. I’d like this to be a main aspect of the game with dialogues AND actions (not just dialogue choices but also depending on what you do while playing, kind of like Deus Ex) that make you often do tough moral choices depending on your beliefs rather than a very easy to spot “Right” or “wrong” choice. Make all choices right and all choices wrong depending on what side affected you look at it from. Make the character feel bad for once. Like he’s not the hero and like he can’t save everyone and like he will have to decide who to save and who not to save and all that affecting the whole game and the character’s psychology. Perhaps even make it so the character himself is deceived like Azel was at first in Saga and made do things that later finds out were REALLY wrong, again affecting his psychology throughout and the way people interact with him and the way even areas look. Just make it much more personal in those ways… I’d like to feel like screaming NOOOOOOOoooo after realising I have done something really HORRIBLE because I fell for something a character said. Make it so next time I play and remember this I realise I can do other things to prevent those events.
More realistic and detailed characters. Every character not just the main ones. Lots of realistic sub quests from regular inhabitants. From simple fetch me this item fair up to perhaps even assassinations of certain people.(However you might change mind and in the end work for the ppl u were supposed to assassinate and betray the original character…and then find out that was wrong to do because of another reason and feel all helpless…just an example, I just want my actions to have real consequences)
Stealth integrated for atleast the on foot sections with you being able to infiltrate areas, overhear conversations, steal things and such. Anyone played Silent Storm? I think the battle system of that game would fit in the on foot sections to allow stealth/one shot kills of guards from behind to keep being stealthy etc.
All characters should be able to be killed when met with consequences big or small. Except for importand characters ofcourse but make it realistic that they can’t be killed instead of having them just stand there invulnerable… Could be as simple as the character thinking “I can’t do it” when you are aiming a friendly importand character and try to shoot or as complex as this big evil guy being inside an armored vehicle or behind some bullet proof material or whatever while talking you before leaving off…or even only meeting them in a cut scene before they leave. Just make it realistic and not feel like they deviced things to keep u from doing things in the game but just that how things really happen and is natural for them to happen like that.
Make the world REALISTIC and IN DEPTH in all those ways and I’ll be happy :slight_smile:
If that’s too much I wouldn’t mind a Saga copy cat as long as they atleast add things to make it more interesting (like the battle changes and other simple things like that)

Sorry for the long and messy writing.

EDIT: I changed the post to make it smaller (by a bit) hopefully not killing this thread like it was doing before

I wonder what’s become of the Heresy program? I hope it makes a comeback in the next game. I think it would be great if the Empire corrupted it with some sort of virus so it would obey the Emperor, but instead it wipes out the Empire and runs rampant, destroying everything in its path! And the big climax would be Lagi II vs. Heresy program… better than a Tyson fight!

So you practically want Panzer Dragoon Saga Once Again?
I think we need something more original, maybe not so much centered on the empire.

No.Lagi was the heresy remember?

I think it would be cool if the next game to place (at least at some point in the game) at the Southerner’s archipelago…

But it’s not centered on the Empire… I was thinking they could be wiped out quite early on. IMO, they’re getting quite boring nowadays.

The main plot would probably revolve around the next rider…

I definitely think it should be a small part RPG, as stated earlier. Something akin to KOTOR would go down great, if you take out the hopping between worlds thing.

My list of what I want to see make it into the next game is endless.

First, I want some Skies of Arcadia style human villains leading the Empire on a path of unrelenting conquest. Second, the Empire needs a tactical genius to command its armada. Last but not least, the return of huge battleships brimming will laser cannons should be inevitable. Who knows what the Empire will construct next. All those warships rendered in a super high resolution is bound to ooze attention to detail.

And the favt that thei role wasn’t linear

Saga was a pretty linear experience, and I think I really liked that. More complex != more fun. :wink:

I don’t think the empire is boring, I think the way of presenting it is. The unstoppable force of evil, maybe that worked in the 90ies. Ever thought about a player character from the empire, who shows us a different point of view? A high-ranking officer, an aristocrat maybe. Doesn’t have to be the main character or become a dragon rider, that would be a little much.

There is no problem finding interesting stories in the Panzer world. Give it a try. :slight_smile:

I would really like us to be on the strongest side of things as opposed to the idea : “we agehnst all the world : empire,bio.monsters…”.

Empire would be great.

Maybe even a game where we could ride another dragon.Even fight the heresy one.

This has DARK DRAGON CAMEO written all over it!!! X)